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Words in posts now appearing as links

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Thought I'd put this up here before the shit-storm started... 


Based on the info in this thread:



... I am testing / adding a program to the forums that may send a few bucks my way. We'll see how it goes for a bit.


The program turns text in posts into links to vendor's sites. If a purchase is made on the vendor's site from a link that came from the forums, the vendor kicks me back a small percentage on the sale.


I purposefully set it to double-underline the links, so they are obvious. So if you don't want to leave the forums and go shopping, just don't click the links. :)  I did, however, set the links to open a new browser tab, so you can just close the tab and go right back to where you were browsing.

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Issue is that it creates the link while we are typing. For example trying to type "classifier" comes as  ifierclass where it creates the hyperlink during my typing without me finishing the word and then moves the cursor to the beginning of the link. Annoying at the very least.

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On 8/16/2018 at 12:55 PM, benos said:






Not sure what is going on. Those words all typed okay for me.


If you could make it so that the cursor is not placed in front of the link, that would be great, thanks. 


Try these sentences. 


I want to buy some es. mag pouch



I enjoy 9mm. reloading 


This is what happened when you just type without correction. A bit annoying. Interesting that it only creates 1 link but still kicks the cursor to the beginning of the word on .reloading above (but then creates the link just now for the second go around.)


Hope this helps. 

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And do I have to buy that exact product from the link? Or can I buy something else? 


For mag pouch I get bass pro shops cheap cloth molly compatible mag pouch.


Reloading brings me to Cabelas for their general reloading page. 


Hope this helps as I would love to help the website wherever possible.   

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15 minutes ago, jkrispies said:

Is there a way I can turn this off on my end?  It is beyond annoying and getting in the way of my being able to provide quality posts.

Please be a way! It is getting really old!!

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1 hour ago, benos said:

Just don't click the links. :D 

It's not the reading, it's the typing with the you-know-whats auto-inserting and putting the cursor in front of the word I just typed instead of behind it.  If it was just a hyperlink insert going in smoothly I wouldn't care at all.  To use the example from above, if I'm doing a post on  then it will push it to the end of the line. reloading


Or if I talk about the hen it does this with the "t" after the because I can type faster than the hyperlink shows up sometimes if I'm on my computer.  When it is super annoying is when I'm on my iphone and it does it while I'm on the road.  Having to constantly go back and correct my correctly typed posts is what is getting in the way of me doing the posts.  links links t


What's bizarre is that in one post it will hyperlink words like Glock, slide, oil, barrel, and grease (see the thread "Are all lubricants created equal" if you don't believe me) but they aren't doing it here.  Other times it won't hyperlink it when I'm typing, but after it posts it will show the hyperlink.  I'm curious to see what will happen to the list in the previous sentence when I hit Submit Reply right... now...

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On 8/25/2018 at 8:11 AM, Nevadazielmeister said:

I really want to buy some esmag pouch


Doh!! Again!! Geesh. 


The forum is still doing this on an iPhone in safari and it is freaking infuriating.


I DO NOT mind Brian making some money by the links getting added. But each time it does the cursor jumps to the front of the created hyperlink.


It is insanely frustrating to keep moving it forward where it should have gone.

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2 hours ago, jkrispies said:

On please, please li’l baby Jesus, we need this Christmas miracle!  (Okay, maybe it’s not that important, but still...)

It’s pretty close to being that important in my opinion. LOL 

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The bad news is, from their reply, I don't think it's going to happen, soon anyway. 

OK, since your form is built with custom HTML, you can use the class "nolinks" to prevent this from happening. More on that here:


Long term, we will add support for Invision Community as well.

Thanks so much for showing this to us! We really appreciate it.


The info at that link is completely useless to me.


I will try to think of a way to word a ticket to IP, and see if they have any experience with this issue.

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