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Kel-tec Sub 2k

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Does anyone shoot or use a sub 2000 for competition? Either Uspsa or 3-Gun? It seems like the most affordable way to get into PCC, but I have seen mixed reviews about Kel-Tec and the sub 2000. If this has been covered before please just put in the link, I am new to brianenos. Thanks!

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2 hours ago, Hi-Power Jack said:


How is the trigger pull on those puppies ?

Jack: Terrible compared to a Hiperfire trigger. I shot a new CZ Scorpion the other day and it was even worse than the KelTec. My Mech Tech is better than both of them with just a connector change and polish. Can you do fast splits with them, yes you can and they will hit the target. The heavy bolt on the CZ makes it jump more than either the KelTec or Mech Tech with reloads in all. I would suggest you go to a match and see if you can shoot one first or you may find a cheap used one. Thanks, Eric

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1 hour ago, Hi-Power Jack said:


How is the trigger pull on those puppies ?

If you enjoy a plasticy, gritty trigger with a really long take up 8-10lb break and a good amount of over travel, it might just be for you.

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I just bought one today at a local shop that was having a sale. The trigger on it is a little heavy but better than I expected. I ran a couple of boxes of ammo through it and it ran fine. One thing the stock sights need to be taller. You need t really plant your cheek into the stock tube to get a half way decent sight picture. It is definitely a gun that can use a red dot.

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The short sights are my biggest issue with the gun. Yes, the trigger isn't good, and the charging handle can be slow compared to standard AR for empty gun starts. I'm looking at replacing the front sight with a red dot instead if bolting it to the handguard. This would allow it to fold without having an odd 45* sight. 


Bottom line it is a great $400 gun, but don't compare it to a $1600 JP. I would get it again.

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