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Ear protection

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as much as possible, wear double ear protection, you’ll be thankful when you get older....notice all the older shooters say “huh?!” a lot? LOL

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I have a pair of the custom-molded plugs as well. Went to a hearing aid shot where they tool a mold. Within about 5 days, I had my custom plugs back for $180. Definitely pricey, but they work so much better than anything else I have tried, including Decibulz and Radians (I have both, neither attenuate enough). The little foam plugs are OK, but the custom plugs definitely work better and are far more comfortable.


I also have a pair of Walker's Silencer electronic ear plugs that I took in to the same hearing aid shop, and for another $180 ? I had them make custom plugs for these as well. They don't attenuate quite as well as the regular custom-molded plugs, but they are pretty close.


The regular plugs are fine when I am out training on my own, but at a match, I hate them because I can't hear anyone talking to me! The Walker's paired with the custom molds are the key there. They work much better than I expected them too honestly. On their own (without the custom plugs), they just don't attenuate enough, but with the custom-molded plugs, they are really great.


So basically, for $360, I have two solutions: a standard pair of custom-molded plugs that block out everything, and a set of molded plugs that incorporate my Walker's Silencers. Best of both worlds.


I can't stand the ear muffs due to discomfort after hours at a match. They get hot and sweaty, and they press against my eye protection and are just not very comfortable, especially in the hot, humid months.


Sometimes I will double bag when it is my turn to shoot, but just keep plugs in when I am not at the line or on the COF.

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Been using Howard Leight's with ear plugs for complete silence

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