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BE-86 practice loads

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I loaded up 100 9mm rounds with 6.1 gr BE-86 under a 115 gr FMJ bullet.  Just a little "brisk" for me even though I liked the accuracy and got used to the recoil toward the end of the session.  I know the recommended starting point is 10% less at 5.5 gr, but I'm curious as to how far down in weight I can safely go with this powder and bullet combination in the caliber.  (which I'll be trying next)  Alliant won't comment other than the 10% reduced starting point.

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I haven't loaded any 115's with BE-86 but I have loaded 124's (Berry's PRN), OAL was 1.150", here's my chrono results I settled in on the 4.8 as it gave me a PF of 132 and was accurate:

BE-86 Powder Gr Avg Velocity
  4.8 1,063
  5.0 1,094
  5.2 1,139
  5.4 1,150





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Funny you should ask...


This morning I ran some 115s coated - a mix of Blue Bullets, ACME and BBIs - loaded with 5.0 and 5.2 grains of BE-86. The BB loads were 1.15 and the ACME and BBI loads were 1.13.

Note that this is out of a 16 inch JP barrel on a carbine.

The 5.0 load averaged 1240 and the 5.2 loads averaged 1320. Accuracy was good - maybe 1 inch at 30 yards over a hasty rest - groups were uniform. 


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Last year I loaded up a box of Hornady 115 XTP's with BE-86. Here's the chrono data;





The 5.8gr felt real snappy in my Hi Power so I didn't go beyond that.

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Hi guys, 


I just stumbled onto this thread.  I have been loading BE-86 for my 9mm loads.  I had settled on 4.7 gr but we just purchased a new gun that is requiring me to use shorter OAL, so I started to mess around with loads again.  I have some 4.4, 4.7 an 5.2.  I did a little bit of benchrest testing at 25 yards but I need to spend a bit more time doing it to figure at which load the gun likes the best.  I am using an OAL of 1.120 for now. Bullet: MBC 124 grain coated conical.


It was interesting to see somebody loading at 4.4 grains as well.  Super light load.  Most of the stuff I have read on other forums show people sticking in the 5.2 to 5.6 range.  How do you go about settling on a final load?  Is it the lightest you can get away with that still has good accuracy, or some other factor? Thanks Pete

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When I was testing the MBC 124 gr cone bullets with BE-86, I found 4.7 gr to be the best overall for recoil and accuracy. I use this for steel challenge matches, and It also makes minor PF

if needed.


Chrono Data- Beretta 92, OAL=1.14

4.4gr=1,015 fps




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1.070 OAL RMR MPR 124gr JHP Walter PPQ Q5 match 5" barrel. 10 shot groups.


Group 1    5.4gr BE-86
Avg    1202    S-D    21.4
ES     78  

Group 2    5.5gr BE-86
Avg    1221    S-D    10.6
ES     28  

Group 3    5.6gr BE-86
Avg    1228    S-D    11.4
ES     41 

Group 4    5.7gr BE-86
Avg    1243    S-D    8.1
ES     23 

Group 5    5.8gr BE-86
Avg    1257    S-D    17.2
ES     59    

Group 6     5.9gr BE-86
Avg    1262    S-D    18.1
ES     48    

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I load 5.2 grains of BE-86 under a Zero 115 grain JHP-C and it's a very accurate, soft shooting load in my Glock 34.  The same powder charge with an Xtreme 115 gr heavy plate concave base RN bullet also works well. 


You'll probably need to go up to 5.6 grains of BE-86 to make Minor PF.

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