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Anyone shot a 3Gun LR course?

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Looking for some input on what to expect from a 3 Gun Nation Long Range shoot.


VIR is hosting a training class coupled with a match and I am thinking about going.

Is it setup toward gas guns and/or will bolt guns be left sucking wind?

I have a bolt 308 that should work, maybe a little to much magnification,

I also have a 16" gas gun  with a fixed power scope that I can cobble together for the event.

The class is only about 3 week away so buying or building another rifle and equipment is mostly out due to time constraints.


Just trying to get an idea of what to use and expect.


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My guess is it will be pretty similar to PRS but I haven't shot one yet.  If you go to the 3 gun nation LR page there are different divisions so you can run what ever you feel more comfortable with.


Not sure you mag range on your .308 but I'm usually around 12x typically in most PRS matches.

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It's time plus penalties rather than points.  Separate divisions for gassers and bolts. 

6-8 targets per stage, unlimited round count.

Gas guns out to 800.

Bolt guns out to 1K .

2-3 MOA targets. 


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