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Hey Guys,

Got another great USPSA match for you at Rockcastle Shooting Center, Park City, Kentucky on Sat. JUNE 24TH. We will have 5 stages with 1 classifier.  Registration opens Wed. JUNE 21st  at  www.matchsignup.org . You may pay online or pay a check-in morning of match.  Signing up online assures you will get to shoot with your buddies and does allow the match to get started more on time.  When registering, make your own 4 number pin so you can go in later and change squads or division if you want.  Sign up early so you don’t miss out.


Match Divisions: Open, Limited, Limited10, Production, Single Stack, Revolver and 

Carry Optics only.


Check – in at hotel lobby from 8:30 am- 9:30 am. New Shooters Meeting at 9:30 am at the shed at the bays. Shooters meeting at the Bays at 9:45 am. Match starts at 10:00 am.


If there are any questions or issues, please let me know.  I am glad to help.



Sue VanBlaricum

Match Director




Got some great news. Got gavel on Bays 1-4. I will try to post pictures on my facebook page.





Also I want to make you aware of a 3-gun match the Sunday following the match by Bruce Davidison. Here is the info.

Here is the link to the FB event page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/727705854075500/

Registration is on Practiscore
Sunday June 25, Bruce will be running a 3-gun match at Rockcastle Shooting Center.
On Saturday the 24th they have a USPSA pistol match and he is making it a 2 day shooting extravaganza. He has a bunch of 3-gun games planned for us on Saturday from 4:00-8:00. Included in your match fee is dinner at the lodge, breakfast on Sunday morning and lunch on Sunday afternoon. $90 bucks gets ya a day of shooting, a 3-gun match and 3 meals. If you want to stay at the Lodge (I highly reccomend it) I beat up the Noble boys and got them to knock the room rate down to 60 bucks. I also got them to throw in a live band on Sat night and an after match check out time.

After we shoot the USPSA match on Sat morning my crew will start building six 3-gun stages. 3 of em will be scavenged from the USPSA stages in the bays and 3 will be setup in Thunder Valley by guest stage designers, CJ Smith, Team Lincoln Arms and John Mountjoy.

As soon as the stages are on the ground we can start playing some 3-gun games. The bay stages for the match will be available to shoot and I will set up a couple of side matches. My guess is we will start shooting around 4 and can go until sunset. The more setup volunteers we have the quicker we can get to putting rounds down range! Wait, what, we get to shoot the stages the day before the match?…you read that right.

The KY chapter of Friends of NRA will donate 3 guns for me to give away and I want to reciprocate with a fund raiser for them. If you want to shoot a stage or one of the side matches I would like for you to donate 5 bucks for each run. In return you will get a raffle ticket for one of the guns we will give away at dinner on Sat night.

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