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Co-Witness Rear Sight Help!

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I’m new to the forum and was referred to this site by a shooter I recently met. He said if I had any technical questions, this is the forum to get them. At age 60, I can barely focus on the stock iron sights and the red-dot has enabled me to enjoy shooting again. I suck at it, but hope to get better with time.


I have an M&P 9mm 4.5” that I had milled to accept an RMR. A new rear dovetail was milled for a Glock sight and the front remains an M&P sight.


I initially started with Dawson .395” tall x .125” rear sight which was too tall. Dawson Precision suggested I try the .305” sight which was too short. I went a got a digital caliper and did some measurements and looks like the correct rear sight will be .350” if I measured it correctly.


On the Dawson site I couldn’t find any co-witness sights that measure .350” and I’m not sure if Dawson will custom make one but I’ll ask tomorrow when they open.


Is there any other company that you guys would recommend that I can check to see if they have the sight I need in stock?





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18 hours ago, shooting for M said:

Dawson will make you a custom rear. They're a bit more, but not too much.


After talking with their tech department, they clarified the proper way to measure the rear sight height. I'm all squared away now. 



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