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What's Your Dream 3 Gun Setup?

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Just for fun, let's say you hit the lottery and money is no object. What is your new (or existing if you're already there) dream 3 Gun rig?


Get as specific as you want; all guns, optics, gear, accessories, etc...


I'm pretty new to the competition game, so I want to see what is the desirable gear of the sport.



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Don't need to hit the lottery, because saved for a few years and bought it one item at a time...


Rifle: JP CTR-02 with a Proof carbon barrel and a XLR stock

Optic: Vortex Razor HD II 1-6 

Pistol: STI DVC 3 Gun

Shotgun: TTI Benelli M2


If money was no object, I would probably get a custom 2011 built, but the STI is pretty damn good. As for the rest, I wouldn't change a thing. 



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I'm with Adam I just put it together. There is little things I'd change but I'd take my set up anywhere and run it any time

built ar 

spikes receivers

spikes lpk

efx1 stock

geisselle sdc enhanced trigger 

lightweight bolt and buffer. 

Odin works 18 3 gun barrel

adjustsble gas 

precision armament severe duty comp

and a razor 1-6 inbound with a warns mount


then a benelli m2

and a hopped up glock 34 

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On 5/17/2017 at 8:32 PM, Bryan 45 said:

I'd  take the same old guns I've been using for 3 or 4 years and shoot about 8x more rounds a year than I do now.




This.  Moar ammo!  And match fees, and travel costs...

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JP SCR-11 18" light contour 

leupold vx-6 multigun


JP GMR-15 with c-more (if I want to run in PCC or it is bay stages) 


CK 2011 9mm steel grip


mossberg JM pro 24"


Only things I would change with money as no object would be the new Swarovski 1-8 for a scope and a tricked out benelli m2.

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Pistol: A custom 9mm double stack 2011 frame with rail for light

Shotgun: Breda B12i

Rifle: 16" Strong Side Tactical stretch barrel

- SLR Adjustable gas block

- RCA titanium bolt group

- LWRC ambi lower

- Timney trigger  

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M2 from Hayes

TTI Combat Master 34 - this has to be one of the best executed glocks I've seen.

SMOS Arms rifle with a bunch of JP parts- already own this.  Best shooting rifle I've ever owned, and their receivers are beautiful.  Not a thing on it that I would change.

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I've shot Heavy, Limited, and Tac-ops, and for those gear like above would be great, and I feel my setup is pretty solid.  If I hit the lotto I'd give open a try:


Custom 2011 "race gun"

I'd probably build my AR, but the Proof barrel would be there, Swaro or Kahles optic with an offset dot.

Dissident Arms Shotgun with the same dot sight I use on Pistol & offset on rifle.


Safariland shotgun caddies


And of course plenty of ammo, a new house on property where I can build a range, and pretty much everything on MGM's website.

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I am awful with my money so I am pretty much have my dream setup.

-Noveske AR with PRS stock, Geissele trigger, Vortex Razor 1-6

-Beretta 1301 Comp. with work by RAS

-STI DVC with work by Atlas gunworks.


The only thing ill change one day is to get a custom pistol from Atlas

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If I had all the money


Pistol - Limcat Custom 2011 probably the Sabercat


Shotgun - a couple different options either a Fostech Origin 12, Vepercat 12, or a tricked out Benelli M2 w/ xrail and speed gate


Rifle - would have to be a completely custom build

           18" carbon fiber barrel           lancer carbon fiber handguard            hiperfire trigger/or elftman           lightweight gas system and bcg w/ jp captured buffer

           sjc comp                slr stock           a nice set of matched lightweight receivers          and any other lightweight parts 

           IOR Valdada 1-10x or PA Platinum 1-8x ACSS        with a canted red dot

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"Six mentions of Razor scopes, and even dreaming about it, only two mentions of Swarovski's"

Swarovski Z8 1-8 with Ballistic Turret outclasses the Vortex Razor HD ll 1-6
Z8 field of view 42.5 m/100 m Weight 515 g

Razor HD ll field of view 38/100m Weight 714 g

When it comes to warranty there is no argument Vortex true no BS warranty is superior

Rifle: JP CTR-O2 18" light or medium contour, Swarovski Z8 1-8 it´s 30 mm tube i prefer that over the 34 mm tubes even if they have a more forgiving eyebox but that i find the 34 a bit bulky. 

Shotgun: Dissident Arms or what i have now the Molot VEPR 12 ipse edition ( not seen the ipsc edition in the states ) Shield SIS red dot  


Pistol: Bul ultimate racer Shield RMS 4 moa red dot 

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Vortex supports the sport way more than most other optic brands, Trijicon and Burris are pretty invested as well, but because of that, and the culture of the company, I'll choose the Razor over other high-end 1-6x everyday.  I guarantee I'm not losing any time because I have a marginally inferior scope on paper.


I have a JP CTR-02 which is my dream gun, the only thing I plan on changing is going from a medium to lighter contour barrel next year as well as they're Rapid config handguard to shave another couple announces.


I have a TTI M2, and there's not anything nicer, though I wish I also had an RCI

My dream 3-gun pistol is a 9mm Atlas Nemesis, but I am switching to Open/2x4 Open and have an ATlas Chaos, which is my dream open gun.


Took my 5 years to get here, but not much I'd change if I hit the lottery.  Maybe buy a backup of each, and then 500K rounds of ammo! 

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I am very fortunate to have mine 

M2 built by Rose Action Sports 

Seekins AR wearing Gen II Razor and a few other upgrades 

STI Esge with a little work by a good friend and great gunsmith 

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On 9/8/2017 at 7:05 PM, TonytheTiger said:

All the beat up guns I already have plus 20k rounds per year for each.

If I hit the lottery, I will be shooting the same guns I have been. Cleaned up trigger on my Itialion made Beretta 92fs, stag arms 16" w/ Mtac 1-4 and Remington tactical 1100. Just a bizmillion more rounds.

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