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Roy Bohmfalk has left the range

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April 2nd, 2017


Roy Bohmfalk packed up his gear and moved on to the next stage.


My Coach traveled under the radar. He became Master class in IPSC when they voted on it. He started with Jeff Cooper in the Big Bear Valley days. His training partner was Albert Nichols. He regularly beat Ray Chapman. He was on a PPC team with Jack Weaver. Some where I think his name is on a SWPL (Southwest Pistol League) trophy. In 1992 he put together the first womens practical pistol team, the San Diego Sure Shots, coaching us for 2 years. And, he was zen enough sport to wear the teal and purple jerseys we chose for our team colors. He taught so many people!  Knowing him was to learn more than just sight alignment and trigger pull.  He changed my direction in life and changed who I was.

Services will be held at San Jacinto Valley Cemetary in Hemet CA April 17th at 10:30am. If you have a remembrance, picture, or story about Roy, please post it in this thread.





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Wow-sad news. I was just thinking about Roy the other day. I joined a Facebook group called Vintage Holsters and Gunleather, and was enjoying all the pics of leather from back in the day. Seeing that brought back memories of the Linea de Fuego days back in the 80s and early 90s.

I did his class at the SDPD range a couple of times; he was a great teacher. Sometime during that period a friend gave me a copy of the "Outdoor Life Complete Book of Shooting" from 1965. Jeff Cooper wrote the handgun section, and I just had to show it to Roy, because 90% of it was about the very early days of IPSC, and there were quite a few photos and stage descriptions of the "classics" like the Mexican Defense. Roy's face lit up when he saw it; he wasn't in any of the pics, but he knew every single one of the shooters.


He talked about writing a book about the early days with Cooper and the others; too bad he never got around to it.


Thanks for posting this.

(Sigh) Some days you get a little bigger slice of "life goes on" than you care to.........


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Roy was not just my coach.  He introduced me to this amazing world of shooting, taught me how to shoot, to be a gracious competitor, and when the time came, to give back to the sport by supporting and helping others new to shooting.  I have since become an instructor and not a class goes by that I don't use Roy's words and wisdom with my students.  Roy had a way of bringing out the best in people.  His Service will yet be another gift to all of us as we come together to rejoice in all he gave us.




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