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Quarterly Forum Hosting Donations

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This is a spin-off of this thread.


After I started that thread in November, members kicked in and did some nice donating, which covered the forum's hosting fees for a five months. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that donated for that.


But as it goes with donation drives, they eventually fizzle out. So I'm thinking, to keep this a wonderful place to hang out and stay alive and ad-free year round, we can do quarterly donation drives with a goal. 


The forum's hosting fee for 3 months is $990.00. There is a "Quarterly Hosting Donations" button to the top of the forum's home page and it accepts credit card or PayPal payments.


Also, my store's Donate page.

NOTE: The Password to access that page is: runtime


For you old-school types, for check donations:

Brian Enos

303 W. 10th Street

Tempe, AZ 85281


Thank you!


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4 minutes ago, benos said:

Looks like that just happened for 10 members. ($100 donated) :cheers:

Actually no, I just checked the ACP, and it was this month's Member of the Month, BritinUSA, that made the $100 donation. Holy crap - thanks Paul!!!!

And everyone note that he was made MOM before he made that donation. :)

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Not sure if this is possible or not; I think it might be useful to put the fundraiser status and donate button onto the New Content Activity page as well as the forum main page. Anyone who sets up their bookmark to automatically show their new content won't ever see the front page of the forum and so may not be aware that a fundraiser is running.

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On most forums that accept donations normally give some small little benefit.   (e.g.  a special category, a different color name, access to a donation only forum section, etc).   Just a thought.

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Thank you benos and everyone who contributes here. Without the BENOS forums, I would have never found USPSA and met countless great people and long time friends. 

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  • benos changed the title to 3rd Quarter Forum Hosting Donations

Although I got the 3rd quarter donation drive a bit late, now it is up and running.


Again, the HUGEST THANK YOU EVER to all the members that have donated to help me keep the forums alive and ad-free.

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