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On 1/29/2019 at 9:30 PM, Unregistered said:

For those that have used both a hybrid and a regular barrel with poppel holes... How do they compare?


Thinking about a new build now and deciding between a SVI hybrid / KKM hybrid or a regular KKM bull barrel.

I have shot both, back to back, both guns are long heavy dust cover, steel grip, TI comp, Middy length, guns and they feel to me to be remarkably similar. I would be surprised if I could tell the difference in shooting them without looking, what I mean by that is, at the bench slow fire I could probably tell they are not the same gun but beyond that its so close I would be hard pressed to say gun X is the hot ticket over gun Y.


that said I shoot a middy on a Caspian frame with a huge steel cone comp, it handles quite a bit differently than the above guns, not better not worse just different.



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