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Tooth and Nail Ultimate 3gun package


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On 2/18/2017 at 1:18 PM, hitman_usmc said:

Ok, between a KL-12 and a Tooth and Nail package, which one and why?  The KL-12 is substantially more but is it really that much better, if at all?   



Hi Hitman - I have no direct experience with the Dissident Arms VEPR based shotguns.  I have however fired the T&N MKA 1919 and am purchasing one, along with the billet aluminum lower and the forend which will allow for the left side charging handle, a new trigger and grip, and 3 magazines (28, 23, and 10 round).  I'll be all in for just under 2k - $1500.00 less than the DA package. 


The big advantage I see is that the MKA 1919 is very AR-15 like, whereas I believe both the Saiga (which I've owned) and the VEPR (which I haven't) are AK-like in operation.  I MUCH prefer an AR-15 manual of arms. 


I'm purchasing the gun from a buddy who has an extra with low round count, and the extra components from T&N.  He's a gun smith himself, and has done a LOT of research on open shotguns.  He's talked to the the T&N guys a lot at matches and is convinced that they're the best open shotgun out there.  If the DA guns ran better, he'd pay the extra money.  But that's not the case. 

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I have shot my  T & N  MKA 1919 for 2 plus years and thousands of rounds. Like all open guns there is a learning curve to get it broke in and all of the mags running. Mine pretty much ran 98% out of the box with all of the T & N mags including the 24 rounder. They were pretty much tuned  from them when I got it. I have a Firebird billet 18 round and a Taccom ext on a 10 round for 15 total. Both of those took a little work to get 100%. Gun is fast and easy to use and manipulate. I shoot AA 1145 7.5 shells and Xtreme Slugs. Slugs shoot like a laser. I use Briley ported extended chokes.


Best CS of any gunsmith ever. Always answer their e-mails and are willing to help.


For me it was the easiest transition from a tube fed because the controls all match my AR. Muscle memory is there already.


That said I shoot with Mike & Lan from DA and have seen their Vepr's in action. Great shooting shotguns, reliable and fast. If you like that style theirs are the way to go.




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I started with a T&N, ended up with a Firebird. Honestly, the Firebird is a whole other league than the T&N. The pins to remove the lower are so nice.

I don't want to rag on anyone but my T&N was very difficult to keep running - the Firebird is 100%.

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