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4 hours ago, Trentmopar said:

I do have to disagree with Slide glide.  If you shoot on a cool to cold day it can cause malfunctions.  Thought it was my gun at first and then found many of the guys I shoot with had had the same issue. Just food for thought.

And that is why Slide Glide Lite exists 😉

Says the guy with 25.535 rounds of PCC happiness with the products...


As the webpage says: 60+ degrees F  for Slide Glide30+ degrees F / All Firearms  for Lite

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If the Glide does not provide perfect function in all temperature ranges, you can "cut it" with any petroleum based oil.


The last few comments prompted me to dig into my Slide-Glide / endorsement folder. I'll post some comments...

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Just a note to let you know that 14 years on with my issue P-229R with a round count of around 15k rounds and the same barrel, using Slide Glide Standard #1 and nary a hiccup.  But for external wear the inside of the top end is still factory fresh.  Compared to other agents' pistols it's amazing seeing the difference.  Now that at some point in the near future when I change duty stations I will have our new issue Glocks (19M and 26) foisted upon me.  They will receive the same treatment.  I appreciate the temperature ranges you've published but I found that in Central Asia and the Caucasus during winters down in the single digits Fahrenheit my body heat kept the standard viscosity loose enough to let the gun run fine.  Might have been sluggish if carried in a drop rig but I've never had an issue with the standard viscosity in any temperature.  Thanks again, Brian, for such an amazing product.




Hello, Brian.  Hope all is well.


James Fxxxxx with the U. S. State Department here.  You probably don't remember me but I'm a Diplomatic Security special agent who wrote you from our embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan about 11 years ago to order another copy of Beyond Fundamentals and some Slide Glide for the SIG P228 I was carrying at the time. 


Well, seems I've got a habit of giving my hard copies of your book away to friends and subordinates I've trained who are interested in shooting.  I'm currently downloading the Kindle version of the book and just finished cleaning and re-lubing my P229R with Slide Glide standard.  It's my third SIG in 13 years with DS.  My originally 2001 issued P228 gave up the ghost- cracked left slide rail with only about 4K rounds through her at that point in four years's service- in August 2005 while beginning my six month green team train-up for service in our mobile security division, at which time I was issued a slick P229 that I subsequently ran a little over 3K rounds run through before being issued the 229R three months later that I carry today and has about 12K rounds through it after 9 years. 


The SIGs run fine enough- I prefer them to the Glocks and the Berettas- but I'll always be a diehard fan of JMB's automatic pistols, the CZ-75 and good medium and large frame revolvers of any stripe.  They're just so much easier to shoot well and quickly for me, honestly. 


At any rate, Brian, the point of this email is twofold.  First, I just wanted to say "Howdy" and wish you and yours all the best. 


Secondly, I wanted to compliment you on the continued top flight performance of Slide Glide.  I've been using it in all my pistols since 2001 and can't say enough good about how nicely the pistols run in all weather extremes.  Comparing my SIG to other agents' whose pistols are newer with far, far fewer rounds through them, I can say without a doubt the Slide Glide kills the wear in the gun flat out.  It shoots softer and more smoothly, too. 


I'm currently serving at our embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan in the southern Caucasus right in between Russia and Iran.  Having a hell of a time here and getting to shoot quite a bit, thankfully.  Nice knowing that my SIG is in tip top running order in large part due to the maintenance regime I use including Slide Glide as its primary lubricant. 


Thanks again for the great product.  If I can ever be of service to you and yours, please don't hesitate to holler at me. 


God Bless and take care.



Warmest Regards,

James F., Special Agent

U. S. Dept. of State, Diplomatic Security Service

American Embassy, Baku, Azerbaijan




Just a note to let you know how happy I've been using Slide Glide  

standard in my issue SIG pistols.  My first issue 228 ran great until  

it cracked its frame rails at something around 17,000 rounds and was  

swapped out for a straight 229 that I had put about 3,000 rounds  

through before being issued my current 229R and pistol light.  I've  

got 12,000 rounds through it.  I've carried it in all climates in many  

different places around the globe and can say that Slide Glide works  

wonderfully in keeping wear down, letting the pieces shoot  

significantly softer and running longer in between cleanings.  During  

several extended training periods, I've let my SIGs go around 5,000  

rounds in between cleanings and while other fellow agents had to clean  

their pieces much sooner I didn't have any problems, only cleaning my  

SIG when I got concerned about the feed ramp fouling.


I use Slide Glide in all my pistols and recently started using it on  

the contact points in my A-5 Light Twenty- not the recoil system,  

though.  So far so good.


Keep up the good work in providing such a fine product.








Hi Brian,


Congratulations on your Slide Guide.


I'm writing to let you see my brother's response to Slide Guide. He was extremely impressed by the slide's acceleration with it. I've just now ordered some for me. Here's the excerpt from Jim's email:


“And just how slick is Brian Enos's Slide-Glide Firearm Lubricant and

Grease? I'd read in an unsolicited referral somewhere that it was so

slick that one could no longer see the upper assembly moving when

thumbing the hold back release off. So I tried it with all the

various gun lubes I had on hand, including the one you recommended.

With each of them I tried, I could see the upper assembly moving

forward. Then yesterday I rec'd Brian's Slide Glide. After wiping

things down well to remove the previous lubes, I used one of Brian's

brushes to lightly apply his heavy lube to all mating surfaces, springs, etc.

And Voila! I can no longer detect the forward motion of the upper

assembly; it is locked back, and then it is full forward and locked,

but my eyes cannot register the movement forward. Pretty doggone amazing stuff.”


    BTW:   Jim is a former F15 pilot (F4s in Nam awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses) who is not    easily impressed. He later flew F15s out of Luke and lives in Peoria. We were raised on a cotton     farm 10 miles from Buckeye.

Thank you,





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1 hour ago, benos said:

If the Glide does not provide perfect function in all temperature ranges, you can "cut it" with any petroleum based oil.


The last few comments prompted me to dig into my Slide-Glide / endorsement folder. I'll post some comments...

Thanks for the information that is helpful I will give it a try.  I always liked the concept of slide glide but when I had the hiccups I quit using it.  Thanks again!

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Picked up 2 tubes of the Regular Lube and used it on two of my Stainless guns, one which had been giving me a few issues. After using it on my Dan Wesson 10MM and changing to a better magazine, it runs flawless now. Using this on all my 1911's and Sig's. Great Product.

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4 hours ago, Skytrooper said:

Is the regular or Lite recommended for polymer frames ? I have a Walther PDP. I also have a STI 1911. Both of these I shoot in competition.

I think it's more dependent on your climate/weather.  Hot humid, go with normal.  Super cold, go with lite or none at all.

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I am currently using slide guide on my polymer gun. It gets just below 30 hear and I haven’t switched to light I just use the regular. I put it everywhere except on the firing pin. It didn’t like that and caused light primer strikes. So I just put oil there instead. Honestly you can feel the difference right away. Also you don’t have oil hitting you in the face after a fresh clean the slide glide stays put. 

If I have any negatives it’s that cleaning is messy. Regardless I’m hooked. I feel like I finally found my lube of choice. I do own the light slide glide as well I’m just not going to use it unless I have issues. My expertise is only a few months but I shoot often in heat and in cold. 

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