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In a shameless effort to increase sales, I added a Slide-Glide Forum to the Vendor's Tents. :)


If you are unfamiliar with the Glide, more info here: 




On that page, also check the "motherload" of Slide-Glide info. 


If you can't find the answer to your question at those links, please start a New Topic in this forum and you will get the answer straight from the horse's mouth. 


Also note, if you want to do a "group buy," you do not have to be a dealer to get dealer pricing in my Slide-Glide Dealers Store:


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Really like the SG Lite, myself.  Stays put and works well on all kinds of pistols.  IMO, Slide-Glide is a must have for alloy framed guns.

It's also good on the lugs of bolt action rifles.  Great stuff!

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19 hours ago, Sparky said:

 Use the SG Lite on 2011 style pistols

and Reg SG for my Glock  pistols...............................


I thought the selection would be based more on temperatures

than the gun.


Do you use the 2011 more in the winter ?

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Jack,  I've never used the Reg SG on a 2011 pistol and I've

never used SG Lite on a Glock pistol.   I live in Northern

Illinois.  We have an great Indoor Range.  So temperatures

are really not a major factor.  However, I can see that temp

can be a factor in the heat of summer.  But, I really do like

Slide Glide, it seems to stay in place better than oil.    Ron

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With all the fancy "new" "extreme" "ultimate" "innovative" "whatever" lubes out there,


Slide Glide continues to be the one constant that never leaves my gun lubing process.  Stays on and keeps my stuff lubed and running.


For Glocks, a little goes a way long way.  Mostly on any surfaces I see any wear.

1911s  feel naked without them.

And even high wear parts on the AR.  Bolt cam pin and bolt bearing surfaces near the gas key.  Even softens up carbon build up inside the bolt carrier during cleaning.  I do this by taking out the bolt, cleaning the bc interior, and then brushing on Slide Glide.  Let it kind soak in while cleaning other parts or other guns.  Then come back and  finish cleaning the bc.  It takes out any build up that remains.


I do augment the lubing with a little wet oil too.  But never without Slide Glide.  One little tub lasts for years.

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