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Hammer release Decocking with slow trigger squeeze


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Hammer releasing

Started by Wildeyedsboy, 11 hours ago

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Need some help did some spring work to my CZ 75 Shadowline to lighten the trigger along with some very minor polishing. I purchased all CGW parts. 8.5 lb and 11 lbs hammer spring production Hammer, 13lb recoil spring, floating trigger pin reduced reset trigger spring, adjustable sear,  extended firing pin firing pin spring and misc replacement pins. I polished the trigger bar tops to a nice shine some machine marks remained. Polished the side still had heavy machine marks. Polished the bottom side of the sear cage as i call it, TEKMAT calls it the ejector. Lightly polished disconnector. Total tome polishing was only about 10-15 mins. Trigger pull for both DA/SA cut 50%. 7lbs and 3lbs. So for my issue that i need help on... This does not happen every trigger pull but in single action if i pull the trigger slowly I will get a hammer break but will not fall if I start to release the trigger the hammer will decock to half cock. If I continue to pull it will drop the hammer. If i pull smoothly it will release but not drop to half cock and drop all the way but there are two distinct trigger breaks. 

Question 2 what does the allan screw on the trigger fo see no real purpose. Any and all help is appreciated.

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Take the setscrew out of your trigger, or at least back it out one turn. For some reason, your gun doesn't have enough overtravel: The sear is hitting the half-cock notch on the hammer's trip forward.


Whatever method your gun uses to adjust the overtravel, you need a few thousandths more of it. I'm not a CZ guy - I shoot a Tanfoglio. Tanfos have a setscrew in the center of the trigger which adjusts the overtravel, and this will happen if you set it too aggressively. You can see the screw coming out the back of the trigger in this photo of my Stock 3:





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