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1911 9mm mag help needed


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   I'm working with a new shooter to get her into NRA Action Pistol match competition.  She bought an STI Trojan that needed many parts replaced to work in Metallic Category.  We replaced the plastic MSH with a steel one and installed a Protocall Design prone pad.  It has a narrow opening at the bottom that won't allow many of the magazines available to fit.  Believe it or not, a Wilson 38 Super (47 series) mag works fine, fits, feeds and drops out fine.  In checking availability, they don't seem to be made any more (47 series).  All I can find are the new ETM mags that have a wider base-pad than the older 47 series mags, so they won't fit inside the prone pad.

   Can the newer ETMs take the base pad from an older 47 series mag?

   Anyone know of a 1911 9mm or 38 Super mag that has a base pad that's not any wider than the mag itself? 



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Since Im silly enough to STILL be running a 9mm... What I've used since I started are the Metalform, Stainless round follower, 9rd 38 super mags. Loaded to 7 rounds they run great.

You can get basepads that screw on them from brownells I believe. They should fit in the prone pad.


47d pads wont work on the ETMs. I wonder if this ETM pad will fit in the Prone pad?


If these above options dont work out, or you want something else to try, this is the mag I would run if starting over, or at least test. I have some now and they also work great, they just dont lock the gun open on empty.


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send me the pad and I can mill out.  or send to warren and he will fix it.

Louis uses 9mm but the 38 super are the same mag.  some have the groove in the front which i heard are preferred by TGO.  I have several.


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Just have the shooter send us the Prone Pad, and we'll swap it out (no charge) for one of the newer design, which has a larger hole. Shipping will take about 2-3 days from when we get the old one (USPS small flat rate usually takes that long from here to there).


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