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Hello from AZ, just bought a Stock 2


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Hello all,

Been on here for a while but never posted.

I have always been a 1911 guy (dad is retired Marine) but also bought a Glock within the last year. I've used the Glock 17 at 2 steel challenges and had a good time even though I was basically last place (first competitions). Just bought a Tanfoglio Stock 2 in 9mm so I will be more involved in the forums. Look forward to the insight.

I don't expect to post too much as I will search thoroughly before posting. Excited to improve!


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39 minutes ago, Hi-Power Jack said:

Welcome aboard :)

Start saving your brass - you'll be reloading, soon.

Thanks haha. I do reload. Started off on the Redding Big Boss 2 and now I have a Dillon 650. I don't reload for all of my calibers yet. Just 7mmLRM, 480 Ruger, 45(LC), 44-40 and 44 mag. I still have store-bought 9mm and 223 I'm working through but I'm saving the brass. I don't reload shotgun yet but my wife shoots 28ga so it might make sense at some point.

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