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Fellow forum member informed me that about 30 mins from me is a range that is going to start 3 Gun. Unfortunately I'm about 2 guns short but they do have IDPA so I want to try my first match in Feb or March.

Can anyone point me to which holsters would fit the Match 45? And mag pouches?


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6 minutes ago, Edge40 said:

http://redhilltactical.com/  Serious quality, you wont be sorry.  

Definitely. @Kingman here on BEnos. I run his dual layer holster body for USPSA on a boss (Ben Stoeger) hanger.

Most rigid production setup out there. Went with the old standby blade-tech body first and had to heat it up with a heat gun to even get my Stock 3 into it.

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2 hours ago, hav3n said:

Ghost 360 mag holsters are not IDPA legal.

I've been running them for 3 years now for local and major matches including nationals. What about them makes them illegal?

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7 minutes ago, Twinkie said:

They shouldn't be illegal unless you run bullets-out. Sorry about getting that configuration banned. Bullets-forward should be fine.

Did you get that done, for real, in writing? 


My "forget this sport!" moment was when I got kicked out of a state championship match because I had these installed:


Ironically, I use them because I like a little more holster tension than most, and even with loctite the Phillips screws would sometimes back off enough to let the gun rattle at a dead run.

"Must require a tool" turns out to be specifically present in the rule on holster adjustments.

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"Must cover the entire outer face of the portion inside the magazine carrier"


This is is a stupid rule!  


So is the requirement for a "tool" to adjustment holster tension. 


Those are only illegal because they're allowed in USPSA. 


There has to be a 51% difference between the two sports.  Those two rules were easy choices. 

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