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Background, been loading 40 for a few years, settled on a RN load at 1.175 as it feeds/functions in my 2011 and my 1911.

Just got a new 2011 and it gives a failure to feed with same load (5% of time)

Just new and needs to be broken in ? (200 rounds so far)

or do I need to play the whole plunk test game etc.

Round feeding in about 25% of the way and slide stops going forward.

I could load up some FMJ to eliminate any coated bullet variables, but the FMJ is flat point and not exactly the same.

I guess i could just shoot the hell out of it in practice, but the weather wont allow it in January :angry:

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Using the same mags in the new 2011?

No malfunctions in the old guns, with same ammo?

Are the 5% malfunctions all in the same mag, or any mag?

Well lubed the new gun?

Very possible your rounds will NOT pass The Plunk Test

in your new 2011 - easy to check - just takes few minutes.    :)

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Do they pass the plunk test in the new gun?  Is it an Aftec extractor? If so, when it jams take a look and see if the round is running into but not starting up under the extractor at all.  If not, tune the extractor and double check all of the mag feed lips to make sure they are set correctly.

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My. Buddy had this same problem in his edge. He was loading to long for it. Check your oal and go from there. He is loading at 1.155 and it's working great now. He loaded the oal I am at for my edge which is 1.185-1.190 and jam up. It's weird how it is basically same pistol but mine loves them long and his just jammed up every 5-10 refs. 

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It does have an aftec, will look into that

I will try the plunk test, if it passes, probably the extractor

I will have to practice and isolate mags next time, they are fine in other guns

Extra lube prior to going out again.

Dont want it to like a shorter OAL, but if that is the case, i will have to have the chamber worked  or make sure the other guns run at a shorter OAL

Thanks to all

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Could be 100 things.

Who built the gun or is it a production gun?

My guns feed 1.125-1.20, I load 1.190 so I can tell at a glance if a minor round (1.130) gets mixed in and to keep my major loads from going into a Glock or M&P magazine.

Could be:

*Ejector interference

*Recoil spring weight right for the slide and load (is the spring to light/strong)?

*Barrel (is the lower edge of the hood broke, throated/needs throating)? (See pic)

*Slide draging on the top of the round picking it up from the mag to soon?

* Does the bullet clear the ramp and feed directly into the barrel chamber (see pic 2)

*Is the timing right?



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