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Nordic Components has a game changer.

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38 minutes ago, stxbordergun said:

Mine is a build using the Nordic lower, barrel, bolt, spring, and buffer. 


Upper is Aero and the rail and furniture is BCM. Trigger is BCM PNT  (milspec and needs to be upgraded haha).


Has been 100% reliable. Haven't done accuracy testing but it'll shoot alphas!


I've only put about 500 rounds through it.



Hell, yeah!!!!

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So we have a thread about shot timer not picking up shots, etc.....this video clearly shows the RO not really doing a good job, IMHO.


Good run by the way.

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Hello: If he is looking at the timer to see if he gets all the shots I am surprised. He should be a little closer to get the last shot. Your run looks great by the way! Thanks, Eric

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Thanks guys. Really happy with this PCC so far. Next upgrade is a trigger. Leaning towards Hiperfire 24c. 


There was no issue picking up the shots even though the RO was back a bit. I know they run 22lr matches at this range so the timers might be adjusted? Not sure. 

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