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SA XDm OSP OEM Slide for sale


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I'm 50 years old and my vision is not what it used to be. So, last week I went to an action steel competition with my son and shot his 9mm PCC with Vortex SPARC red dot. What a revelation. Sight acquisition is a non-issue, allowing me to work on the stage prep work. Best of all, I was 1st overall.

So, that got me thinking about USPSA CO division.

I currently shoot an XDm 4.5" in 9mm, which is the same platform as the new SA OSP model.

Since I am a cheapskate, I rather buy the parts to convert my pistol rather than buying a brand new gun or modifying my gun. That way I can continue using it in Production if I choose to, by swapping back the original parts.

Does anyone know where I can buy the OEM Slide assembly? Is the XDm OSP slide compatible with the non-OSP model? Any other reasons not to go this path?

Thanks in advance.

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I have a OSP on a Canyon Creek lower and it works fine - four matches fine anyway - the lower has the Canyon Creek magic with the grip and trigger etc. The upper has the RMR - on that point though I hade to buy an entire new gun with the OSP and swap out Springfield is not really open to sharing  - now I have a backup production gun and a pretty good XDm for CO.


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