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40 minor PCC build

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I went searching for others who made the choice I did and found nobody.  So here goes: Anybody else go for a PCC in 40 S&W, using minor loads?

I decided to go with a KelTec Sub2000 in the Glock 22 format.  It is the perfect companion to my suppressed Glock 22 if I ever need to press it into self defense use.  For me, a great reason for the Sub2K over an AR-15 pattern rifle is the length. Since the action is above the grip the carbine is really short at only 30" with the stock all the way extended.  In theory, with the stock all the way in, it could be as short as 28.5"!!!

Here are the upgrades I've done to make it work for me in USPSA PCC:

  1. MCarbo trigger springs, trigger, trigger guard, receiver screws, 2-finger charging handle
  2. Tacticool recoil tube cover (imperative for cold weather)
  3. Magpul AFG2
  4. DeltaPoint 7.5delta on top of an American Defense QD picatinny riser, which matches the optic on my HD pistol and my Carry Optics G17.  This riser allows it to have a lower-1/3 cowitness with the "iron" sights.  It also allows me to remove the sight (and attach it to an M-Lok pic rail on the side) if I want to close the Sub2K.
  5. QD mounting points front and rear on the left side for a padded Blue Force Gear sling I've shortened for this carbine.
  6. A Streamlight flashight in a FAB quick-release flashlight mount (for self-defense use)
  7. A Crimson Trace rail laser that my wife can use since she is cross-eye-dominant (for self-defense use)
  8. Octane 45 (for self defense use)

For magazines, I've got 4 options, depending on the stage and whether or not I'll need to reload

  1. Glock 15rd mag with extended base plate (16 rounds, drops free)
  2. Glock 15rd mag with Dawson +4 base plate (19 rounds, drops free)
  3. Glock 22rd mag with Taylor Freelance +3 base plate (25 rounds, drops free)
  4. KCI 31rd mag (30 rounds, does NOT drop free)

I am going to run a load I read about in this article: "Make Right with the .40 Lite" using TiteGroup and 155gr plated bullets.  As soon as this crazy winter stops cancelling matches, I'll actually be able to shoot a match with it!!  And then I'll give my impressions here.  Anybody else consider choosing a 40 PCC?




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