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C.R.O.,R.O. Range gear


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See below:

The Basic CRO Toolkit:

The following basic tool kit can be carried in a small bag or tool case. If you fly make sure you put this in your checked luggage!


Multi-tool- Leatherman or other type-For all those basic repairs


Either a good range knife or a utility knife-Cutting targets/trimming sticks


2-adjustable wrenches, i.e. crescent wrench- Medium size. Most popper nuts are ¾ inch or smaller. Many of the nuts and bolts used on props are are 5/8”- down to 5/16”.


A good set of needle-nose pliers – Multi-tool can substitute if the pliers are decent.


A 10’-16’ tape measure- Target heights, spacing and just in case. (10.4.2)


Roll of duck tape. Grey is fine, black is better. Used for repairs, wrapping activator sticks and patching holes in walls.


Magic marker/Felt-tip marker- Marking sticks and witness marks.


Rulebook- I also keep a good set of overlays in mine.


Several plastic bags- Quart size for timers and gallon for score sheets.


Bring your own pens. Add a couple of pencils, they work in the rain! 


Basic range safety equipment- Eye protection, ear plugs/Muffs, rain poncho, gloves, sun block and small first aid kit with Band-Aids, gauze, and tape.


As you build up your kit you should add the following:

2-3/4” combination wrenches- Works on most modern poppers and other heavy props.

Pair of vise-grips or channel locks-For those rounded popper bolts.

50’  or 100’ tape. Useful for laying out classifiers, measuring distance to steel, etc.

Large wire ties- Used for everything from fixing walls to securing targets stands to spikes. They can also be used as a squib rod to see if a bullet is in the barrel.

Regular and Phillips head screw drivers.

Good Squib rod

Small tool box saw.

Stapler(s)- I expect the match to provide the staples, but many clubs do not have enough staplers for every stage.



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Staplers.  Reloading staplers when you need to hang or change targets is a waste of time.  There's four loaded staplers in my toolbag right now -- along with a supply of staples in different lengths.

Bag Stapler -- handy for tacking targets together when you need to build multi-target arrays.  That way you can hold the two or three targets in place, and drive staples int the sticks, with the array already pre-assembled.....

Large spring clips -- if you're replacing targets by yourself, sometimes it helps to clip the replacement to one side, while you staple the other....

Rulebook -- ideally already highlighted, and if needed cross references, with notes in the margin....


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the one thing everyone has forgotten... STAPLES for the stapler! lol.  It will never fail that a match will run low on staples by the last day. Buy a box, keep them in your gear and say NOTHING about having them. 

I have also started carrying my own USB battery pack and micro usb cable. Most clubs will have them available for their tablets, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

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On 1/12/2017 at 8:56 PM, VictoriousCA said:

2x Overlay's
Small flashlight
pen and pencil
9,40,45 Brass
Min power factor ammo
spare battery for the timer
spare timer
spare folding pocket knife
trigger gauge
sunscreen, water, energy drink, protein bars :) 

I have to ask what is the Brass for?

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1 hour ago, ChuckS said:

Fence pliers work pretty well for large de-stapling jobs. For the thrift-minded: http://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result?q=fence+pliers

I would guess a number of shooters had no idea what fence pliers are. Bob Clift has a set of curved needle nose pliers that work just great. I have never been able to find a set quite as good.

As far as staples. I am picky. I use ceilitex staples since they are very sharp and can be driven into even really hard sticks. Dangerous on lath unless you are a diabetic checking your blood glucose levels. ;)



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6 hours ago, StealthyBlagga said:

He may have meant "9/40/45 brass SORTING TRAYS"... very useful during the protest period :devil:

I unfortunately have never had the energy left after working all day or several days to pick up brass, once I'm done running shooters I normally just want shade and something cool to drink and a chair. 

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In addition to the rest that Jay mentioned, I carry:

  • a bag of zip ties, various lengths/toughness - for repairing stage props/walls, as well as squib checkers
  • a set of small/mini screwdrivers
  • a set of punches (loan to shooters who need to knock out a pin) and a plastic hammer/mallet
  • more black duct tape (I've gone through 4+ rolls at a match before)
  • towels from the hotel
  • 9v batteries
  • my timer


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Longer staples than normal. I always have a private stash of 9/16" or ceiltiles. Seems matches never take into account stapling through the base layer target that stays in place.

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  • 2 weeks later...

We try an avoid leaving the old targets in place here in Australia Sarge, we draw lines around the original and use those as a guide. Yes agree on the longer staples as they tend to hold the targets onto the sticks firmer also especially handy on any moving targets. 

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4 hours ago, Schutzenmeister said:

Also - Get a higher limit on your credit card if you're flying to the match ... With ALL the above you will probably need it for the excess baggage fees!

When I was ROing I rarely took much more than my basic kit ie; timer, gauges, rulebook, leatherman type tool, If I needed anything the host club didn't provide I would usually got to a cheap hardware store and pick up what I needed and leave it at the club when I went home.  

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