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Some proven IDPA loads


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Please help me with recipes to make PF in IDPA with no concerns about the outside temperature, etc. Something that will make PF every time, all the time.

I am familiar with two powders, Accurate 5 and Titegroup. I have no problem trying something better, but first I'd like to finish up what I have in stock.

Bullets I own right now 

ACME 124 grains. Am loading them with 5.6 grains of Accurate.

Blue 125 grains

Acme 145 grains, here I could use a load or two.

Sample pack of Bayou 135 grains - never loaded them, have seen a recipe here for 3.3 gr of TG, but the poster did not state what the velocity was.







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The best approach would be to get a chronograph and work up your own loads.

Not all guns are the same, so what makes power factor for someone else may not do the same for you.

Barrel length is a huge factor, and power factor can vary with even two barrels of the same length.

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A chronograph really is a must and there are inexpensive units that will still calculate standard deviation for you. The lower you go in velocity and power factor, the smaller your standard deviations will need to be. Many powders used are of the faster burning variety which calls for insensitivity to powder positioning in the case. Titegroup gets used a lot, but it is one of the hottest burning propellants you can use. You'll have to weigh the pros and cons for yourself. N320 is also popular and Vectan's less expensive copy is Ba 9 1/2. AA#2 is another that isn't sensitive to powder position while not being particularly dense and possibly better case fill.

I wasn't aware there was an N320 clone running about. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

OP - ^^^^hes completely correct. IMO a chrono is just as important to rolling your own as your sizing die is.
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