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SBR Form 1 question

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I know this is not specifically a PCC technical question but I suspect most on the forum who have an SBRs can be found here so .....

Submitting paperwork to the ATF:

   The 'Form 1' has 3 parts to it:   ATF copy, ATF copy #2 - to be returned to the registrant, CLEO copy

Question for those who have successfully completed this process:

1.  Do you send all 3 of these to the ATF (in addition to a copy of your Trust & Responsible persons form) & they send the CLEO copy to the CLEO or do you just send the first 2 and you are responsible to send the CLEO copy directly to the CLEO? Or do you send all 3 to the ATF and also send an additional copy of the CLEO part to your CLEO?


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Yes.. thanks to the new rules put in place last summer.

Edit - All responsible persons on your trust need to submit photos and finger prints now... (most likely trustee's depending on how your trust is done)

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I turned in a individual Form 1 in mid July and it was really refreshing to just drop off a copy at my local Police Department instead of hoping they would sign off. (Took 2 weeks last time to get a sign off)  Not a bad idea to get a signature or receipt of some kind to prove you delivered the form.


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2 minutes ago, Nimitz said:

thx!  guess I'll be heading to my local LEO to get finger printed ...

You might want to check with your local NFA dealers to see if they offer fingerprinting.  Some law enforcement agencies require an appointment which may delay the process for you a bit.  Probably not a huge deal in the grand scheme since you'll be waiting 8 + months on the ATF.

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yeah, my local LEO is a small town office just down the street from me so that's easier ...  couldn't get to a dealer until the weekend assuming they even do it so the difference of a day or 2 if an appointment is needed is probably not worth it ...

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4 hours ago, Nimitz said:

got an appt for this Thurs for finger printing .... good thing I'll be able to get it done quickly so it won't slow down my application  ........  :lol:

Be careful about the model you enter on the Form 1.  Go with what it says on the receiver "Sig MPX"  Several folks have gotten rejected and had to resubmit because they put "Sig MPX-P".

Once you get it all sent in, try your best to just forget about it.  :wacko:

Here's another thread that covers a lot of the questions that typically come up when filing a Form 1:


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