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Mr. Bullet Feeder Collator Flipping .45acp

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I recently installed a MBF on my 1050, I put 10,000 rounds of .45 ACP through the press before I add the MBF, so I would be become familiar with the press. I solved the issue of two bullets dropping by adding an elastic band ( I think after it's broken in I won't need it anymore ) I took out the MBF powder funnel because it was sticking and binding, I tried setting high so the bullets would "just" seat and polishing it to a mirror, but it still was binding, you could see the case being lifted up and the toolhead went up. So with the Dillon powder funnel just set low enough that the bullets will stay seated upright, it works great. 

So the one issue I cannot seem to sort out is that in the collator, only sometimes it will filp bullets that are already right side up... upside down...... now if the bullets are upside down they alway flip up. I have tired changing the angle of the collator, the number of shims, and the depth of the nose guide..... all making things worse from where I have it now. Sometimes the upright bullets ride along the nose guide.... but sometime they flip. Any suggestion on the number of shims or how much of the ramp should be showing or the angle of the collator?

This is for 45.acp and this is happening when just the collator is running, nothing else. Thanks


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