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Dillon 1050 Plunger sticking

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I posted this in reply to another guy having the same issue.   But figure it will be better as a new one.


I called support as I saw it within the first 500 reloads, support guy said he's never heard of the issue and couldn't help.

* I have torn apart the case feeder assembly - added a shim in to the tube funnel made from a old pop can, ( it helped a little as I was thinking that the cases were able to tilt as they dropped out of the clear tube to the case / plunger adapter ( green funnel).

* I have also noticed I wasn't having the issue at all when I had only no more than ten cases putting pressure from the top. Which means I have to constantly power ON / OFF the case feeder hopper to keep the the press fed.

I have pictures of what you are seeing too.


VIDEO Clip of it happening


Any help on this would be great!

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This happened to me before and there were two different causes. 


The first  time it happened there was tumbling media down in the casefeed plunger. It was a simple fix, I just cleaned it out and reassembled. Things were good to go. 


The other time the locator tab bolt ( PN/ 13333) was slightly bent. I ordered some from McMaster Carr and I was back in business. 

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Mine did that. Took it apart,  cleaned it re grease the sides and bottom and it's been good ever since. It was worse when I got a 380 in the stack of cases for some reason 


I only have 5k through mine new when I had to do it 

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