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Snow bound Chono Testing


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First of all, I highly recommend the Caldwell infrared lighting system to chrono rounds indoors. What a great product. It missed one round going through, not too shabby.


Soooo, since it is tinker with the loads time, here is what I found. I tried out two new powders, Titewad and Nitro 100. These loads are not gospel, so if you use them for your own purposes, they ya go........use at your own caution and discretion.

Blue 230 gr, 2.8 Titewad-660, 621, 637, 650, 637. This was a low recoiling round I will use for steel and practice.

MG 200 gr, FP, 3.5 Titewad-704, 737, 742, 751. Another good minor round.

Blue 230 gr, 3.8 Nitro 100-735, 729, 721, 735, 740, 748, 750. I think this is my new major competition round. After I check the accuracy more, we shall see. Very similar to WST and Clays.

Blue 230, 3.2 Nitro 100-711, 686, 698, 634, fun minor round.

Blue 200 SWC gr. 3.7 Nitro 100-852, 802, 846, 842, 841

MG 200 FP, 3.9 Nitro 100-802, 751, 753, 764, 795

And the others for sport;

Blue 230, 4.3 Win 231-609, 689, 694, 703, 629, I think the slow one was a small primer

Blue 230 gr, 4.6 Win 231-764, 807, 762, 724, OK round, snappier then the others.

MG 200 FP, 6.5 Longshot-732, 786, 799, 747, 795, slow minor round

Blue 230 gr, 6.0 Longshot-739, 727, 741, 772, major round but recoil is heavier then WST, Clays or Nitro 100.

Blue 230 gr, 3.9 700X-708, 725, 707, 711, minor round.

Blue 200 SWC, 4.8 700X-816, 871, 844, 865, 849. This ends up being a 1`69 PF, and really was a nice round.

MG 200 FP, 5.0 700X-831, 832, 805, 809, not quite major.


With the variations reported in the two Clays formulas, and WST's velocity issues, Nitro 100 and Titewad seems to be great replacements, as is 700X. I love the low recoil impulse of Clays, but the Nitro was not much different. The only issue I have with 700X is the metering is something you have to keep an eye on. Longshot is just plain snappy, but is a reliable major powder.

Again, should you decide to use these loads, you are on your own.

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