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P320, or wait on competition model?


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On 1/17/2017 at 7:36 AM, SCTaylor said:

I think that's a little presumptuous! It looks like a great gun but a "game changer" in what instance? It's not really anything new to the industry or revolutionary.  Not crapping on the X5 but lets call it what it is, a high(er) priced polymer striker gun with a good trigger.


I really want to know the honest street price.

SC MAP is $850 so if you're FFL isn't gauging I'd say $899.99 would be fair and some will have it cheaper I'm sure. 

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On 1/8/2017 at 1:55 PM, agwoodard said:

I have not shot it in a match yet, and I have no intentions of doing so because the trigger is just too heavy.  That said, please don't get me wrong.   I like the Sig P320, and mine, a full size equipped with a TLR on the rail is my night stand pistol.   It is very accurate, looks good, the finish seems to be holding up well, and it fits my hands nicely.   It's a good pointer out of the holster.  And in this case, the heavy trigger works in it's favor.  No AD on the BG with a 3 pound "hair trigger" to make Lawyers get all gooey eyed at the huge civil suit they'll be able to bring.  Also, it's a 500 buck gun.  If you use it, you lose it.   I'd rather lose the 320 than one of my 1911's which cost two and three times as much.  Even with all that is good about it, for ME - it's not a good competition gun for several reasons.  First, I don't want to wait to have trigger work done to the gun.   Second, once that trigger work is done, I don't want to be stuck having only one of two people in the country being able to fix any problems, or having replacement parts readily available to make home repairs, which would mean, for the average shooter, the gun would be down for a good amount of time.  Finally, I am not convinced that the trigger work being done on these guns is actually safe.   Mention was made in one of the forums about someone having issues at the nationals this year with a worked on gun going off on it's own.   From a layman's view, the way the trigger works in the 320, the re positioning of the lug on the trigger that connects to the trigger bar that supposedly drops the trigger pull by a pound or two alone, can only be accomplished by preloading the trigger.  Think of it as walking around with your finger partly engaging the trigger all the time.  I don't think Sig ever intended for this gun to be used as a serious completion piece.  There is a reason the trigger comes from the factory at 7 to 7 1/2 pounds.   I would imagine this is why Apex has not modified their drop in triggers.   I am sure they could easily reposition the trigger bar lug, but they don't, and you have to ask yourself why.  

So when the question comes up, should I get a sig p320 for the games, the answer is, it depends.   If you are just shooting to have fun and want to use what you keep for home defense or what you carry, sure.   If you want to be competitive, well, I personally would look at other options.



I've had my FS for a year with GGI competition package and absolutely no issues since the day I got it back. My trigger pulls around 4 pounds on the scale. However it's so smooth that it feels lik 2.5 pounds. I plan on buying the X5 and having the same thing done to it and making my FS a backup.  Different strokes for different folks. 

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On ‎1‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 4:18 PM, Honeybooboo said:

They will have 2500 made next month so yes. Just have to remove the magwell. 

And get some 17-rd magazines.  The 21-rd mags it comes with won't fit in the box.  I'm wondering if they will have two different SKU's to be able to order it with different mag capacities.  Like they do for those unfortunates living in restricted states who require 10-rd mags.

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