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Shotgun Stage Library

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Sorry folks, but after 7 years I did a little cleanup on my server and that destination got the boot by accident. I still have the original files but they need to be reposted again. A little busy now but will post here when I get a chance to restore it. Thx

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OK, I finally got a chance to restore a stage library listing on the server. I made it a catch all multi-gun stage listing. I am still looking through my disk archives for all of the previous content and will upload it as/when I find it. I posted all the stages I could pull together quickly to get things started. If anyone wants to contribute any designs, email them to me - bayarearifle at g mail dot com

Multi-Gun Stage Library

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Posted (edited)

Anyone happen to archive these stages anywhere?    Would love to check them out for some inspiration.


And yes I realize how old this thread is.   But some of you guys probably still have old copies of Reader's Digest laying around to so I thought I'd take a shot.  (Not interested in the copies of RD.  Thx)


Kraken Fan #69

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