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Which red dot sight has the largest window ?


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Which red dot sight has the largest window ? Just bought an open gun with the Cmore slide ride and it has a waaaaaay bigger window which makes things much easier than using my other poor mans open gun with a Trijicon RMR mounted on the slide. Would like to replace the RMR with a sight with the biggest window to mount on the slide but don't want to mount a Cmore slide ride on a mount it. Your help would be appreciated

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4 hours ago, tyler2you said:

The window on the RTS2 is about 4mm taller than the DP Pro (width is nearly identical).  I think that's the current winner for window size, but Sig has several new offerings and I don't know how they measure up.

I own a sig Romeo 3 and a rts2.  They look like they are using the same lense.  

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I'm stuck on C-Mores.  I have one on each of my guns.  Tried others but the C-More gives a cleaner and larger view.  I like the advantage of changing dots.  I've gone from the 3 minute up to 12 minute now for Steel Challenge shooting.  I use Allchin mounts so it's low to the bore.  I tried the 90 degree mount but didn't like it.

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Deltapoint Pro 25.7mm x 17.5mm; 1.01” x 0.68”

Vortex razor    27.8x17.4

Vortex venom 26.3x16.3

vortex viper    17.5x24

fastfire3 is   21mm x 15mm

rmr is 22mm w x 16mm h

rts2 25mm w x 22mm h  

c-more slideride 29mm

romeo3 25 wide x 21 h

romeo1 30 wide x 16 h

J point 21.5mm w x 15mm h

Cmore > rts2/romeo3 > deltapoint
However you'll have people saying they don't notice the difference between the rts2/romeo3/dp pro and it's a matter of preference/cost/reliability...

I did all the math a while back after being disappointed with the rmr window size.

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Romeo 3 -- RTS2 -- DPP --  slide ride


I use the DPP.  I like it a lot better than the others.  The glass is way better, the battery replacement is slick and the zero adjustments are great.

All of these have similar size windows but the DPP is a more rectangular window and probably has the largest total area.  Another minor difference is the DPP is not as long as the RTS2 so that, depending on the mount, allows the glass to be closer to your eye which makes the glass window appear larger.



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The DPP looks like it has a rubber outer shield surrounding the lens body.

Is it removable?  

I think it would be nice to remove some of the bulk around the window.


It's metal, not rubber. Appears to be removable, but I wouldn't. It is a shield to prevent the glass when bumped.

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