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Sight In distance for 2011 Limited Pistol

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Hi guys, 

I have searched around... maybe not enough, but anyways.

I shoot my STI DVC Limited 40 in both USPSA and 3Gun. 

What is your Sight In distance for 2011 Limited with stock adjustable sights? What is your method of sighting in? Off the bags or free hand?

It has been awhile since I checked my zero, but yesterday at the local fun match when I had to shoot upper panel only at 15 yards all my shots were going 3 inches low in the black and it took me some time to figure out because I could not see the hits. I later looked at the target and group was tight, but about 3 inch low.

I think I have zeroed it at 25 yards but it was sometime ago and I am thinking that it either changed or I was pulling shots.

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Very easy to "pull shots" during competition.

Lots of USPSA shooters recommend sighting in for 15 - 20 yards and that certainly works.

BUT, I prefer to sight in for 50 yards, and then check where the gun is shooting at 10 and

25 yards.    If you sight in for 17 yards, you'd be amazed at how far left or right you can be

at 50 yards, if you ever need it.

To test ammo and accuracy, I bench it - to sight in for shooting matches, I stand up :) 

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Totally agree.  Sight for distance like 50 yards  as your left and right will be much more accurate than at close distances.

Height needs to be validated at the 5 yard heads hot distance, but you will be dead on with right and left.

Nothing like unexpectedly seeing a popper at 35 yards and KNOWING that you are zeroed. (At least left and right)  up and down on iron sights isn't as difficult as with a red dot at distance.

Knowing that the gun is ready and all you need to do is break the shot cleanly makes the stage much less intimidating. 


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