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CGW SP-01 Question Disconnector


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Hey all,


Have a new SP-01, ordered parts from CGW. Got the SRS-2, but realized I didn't order the 1485 Short Reset Disconnector. Will I be ok without it? I just assume my reset will be at 6.5mm rather than 3.5mm?



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The disconector is not required. The only thing that the Disco dose in single action is limit the triggers forward movement. The "short reset disco" dose not actually effect the reset distance itself. It effects the over all SA trigger travel by limiting forward trigger movement in single action.

For clarity once you have the SRS kit installed if you later install a CGW Disco it will move the SA trigger position rearward. With the stock Disco you will have a little more takeup in SA before you meet the resistance of the FPB lifter and sear.

The parts that directly effect the reset distance in the SRS kit are the CGW Firing Pin Block Lifter Arm and the CGW Firing Pin. These two parts work together to accomplish the reduction in reset distance.

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