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Converting a 1050 (NOT Super) from 9x21 to .40

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I sold my open gun and I'm busting my 1050 out of mothballs to load .40 for limited.  Not going back to 9x21 so I'm not looking for a quick change.  Pulled the dies out of the tool head and I'll reuse that tool head and powder measure. 

Trying to come up with minimum parts list to do the conversion... Oh and I got a MR. Bullet feeder that will be going on as well! :D

I'd read that sometimes the 9mm shell plate would work for .40?  Rather not buy one if it's not needed?  Should I just plunk down the 124.00 for the conversion or can I get it done cheaper just getting parts?  I cycled the shell plate with some .40 and they "Fit", just wonder if they will be properly centered?  1050 manual says 9 is a #5 shell plate and that .40 is a "W"?


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We suggest investing in the correct shellplate for 40 S&W. However, the case feed adapter, powder activator, are the same for 9mm and 40 S&W.

At minimum, not including the shellplate, you will need:

6-#2 locator buttons, stock#14062   $1.40 each

10mm expander-W stock#12912     $23.50

Medium Casefeed Plunger stock#13098     $41.95



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