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.355" or .356" 125 grn coated for your P-09 ?


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Tried .355" 125 blue's for my first coated bullet trials with my 09. They shot decent.

Upon reading up on loading coated bullets in greater detail here and afar, the consensus is that I should try using .356" bullets.

Any insight from others loading coated bullets for their P-09's ?

I'm out of blue bullets and have no other lead to try and slug my barrel.

I need to order more bullets and was thinking I might purchase some SNS .356" 125 RN this time around, as blue doesn't offer a .356" bullet in 125.


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I was shooting 3+" groups from the bench at 20 yards with a 125 blue/longshot combo that was chrono'd at just over 1,000 fps.

A very consistent load that dropped the brass 3 feet away, with the lowest ES of all the loads I tried with longshot and hardly any recoil.

Shot a few inches low, but when I jacked them up a bit, the groups started to open up more.

I was going to install an 75 adjustable rear sight and dial the load in, but that would mean I'd have to have a really tall front sight according to Dawsons sight calculator.

I want to keep my 09 as compact as possible, and the adjustable rear sight sit's way too high off the slide for my comfort, so I'm scrapping that idea.

Once I find a decent load, I'll dial it in with a fixed sight. 

I searched this morning and found a partial bag of blues in my range bag that I was going to give to a friend to try in his 01, so I loaded some up with 4.0 - 4.4 - 4.8 grns of WSF and will see how they compare to the longshot loads.

I also ordered some CGW goodies with my Christmas bonus that'll be here next week, so maybe I'll wait to go to the range till after I enhance it.

Maybe not, since the suns shining, my trigger finger is itching and I love the smell of burnt powder in the morning !


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I will E mail them, but most manufacturers offer .356 as their standard size of 9mm bullets and are in stock.

 Using my google Fu, I found about 8 different companies that offer their bullets sized in many different diameters + colors, and have sample packs too.

Time to place some orders.

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My P-09 slugged at .3555, I usually use .356 coated lead but have shot .357 coated lead as well, didnt see much difference in accuracy.  I would definitely shoot at least .356.  For whatever reason I cant get coated lead to shoot nearly as accurately as JHP's though. 

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I shot some Xtreme 147's and they shot ok, but are very expensive.

I didn't have any 124 +/- grain projos of any sort and I've heard good things about coated, so I'm giving them a try.

I ordered some .356 124 RN's from Missouri with the Hi tek coating.

I'd like to have a load dialed in before the snow melts and the steel plates come out of hibernation.

I Installed the GGW parts and will be hitting the range tomorrow.

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From what I have checked to date, your coated .355's may measure closer to .354 or .356 on average and the nominal seems to vary by brand.

So you can replace your .355's, which are actually .354's, with somebody else's .356's, which are actually .357's, or things can go the other way.

Would be interesting for somebody to chime in who knows what realistic tolerances are from brand to brand and batch to batch within the same brand.  

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22 hours ago, koteris said:

A while ago, zhunter posted about some accuracy testing he did with coated bullets in his P09.  I seem to remember him concluding that his P09 shot better with .356


Thanks for the reference.

zhunter has posted a wealth of information on the P-09.

I shot/chrono'd the last of my 125  blues with the WSF today.

Very nice in the recoil dept, but accuracy still wasn't there.

The good news is that my cajunized 09 shot everything it was fed and had no hiccups.

My two friends who came to shoot with me added a P-09 to their list of gun buys for 2017.

It's amazing what a few parts and polishing can do to make a good pistol great.

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