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Rule changes posted:



5.3 “Ready (Starting) Position – “Poised Ready” designates a position in which the pistol is

holstered and safe, and neither hand touches the pistol, holster, belt, spare magazine, or

spare ammunition. If not specified in other sections of this Rule Book or in Tournament

Program, the ready position shall be with competitor standing upright and hands held

shoulder high. Other ready positions must be designated in the match description or

program. Once the ready position is assumed, it may not be changed before the firing

signal. Any such change, including the gradual motion of the hand toward the pistol

(termed “creeping”) is considered a procedural error, and is to be penalized accordingly.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to assume the correct ready position”.


Rule 17.5 Courses of Fire for Which National Records are recognized.

NOTE: National Action Pistol Shooting Records are maintained for scores fired over the

following courses for “Open”, “Woman” , “Senior”, and “Grand Senior”, “Junior,”

“Intermediate Junior”, and “Sub-Juniorcategories.”

Make the following Rule Clarification in Rules 10.15, 10.23, and 10.28:

Add the words, ‘No portion of the firearm may rest against the Barricade for Open

Modified, Metallic, or Production Firearms Divisions’.”


Rule 3.2.1 Production Firearm:

The intent of this rule is to encourage the use of Production Firearms as manufactured

and promote NRA Action Pistol Shooting at the “Grass Roots” level. Accordingly, in

order to keep this class from becoming an “Equipment Match”, Single Action only pistols

are prohibited”.

A Production Firearm is a semi-automatic handgun or revolver which is or has been a

catalogue item readily available to the general public with factory notch & post sights.

All standard safety features of guns must operate properly. To meet size requirements,

handguns with empty magazine inserted must fit wholly within a box with internal

dimensions of 8-15/16” x 6” x 1-5/8” (revolvers exempt). All magazines used during the

competition must meet the dimensions of the magazine used to pass the Production

Firearm size requirements. The firearm shall have no visible external modifications

except as follows:”

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1 minute ago, Toolguy said:

Is the new rule that the gun can't touch the barricade in ANY division? Am I reading that right?

No. The rule reads "Open Modified". Not "Open, Modified".

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On March 8, 2017 at 0:03 AM, RippinSVT said:

Don't get me wrong...I don't go to the Cup for any other major reason than to see friends and compete against the very best.  I could truly care less if I get a goodie bag or not, or a $100 participation check for getting 46th in Production.  To me it's about striving for excellence against other excellent shooters.  Last year I was a little pissy they didn't pay out like they said, but that was me mostly venting frustrations with my own performance. I am obviously one of those who've bitched about the breakdown of the finals because to me there are several Cups not just the one with Doug's name on it.  This is why you don't/won't see finalists in the subcategories opting to shoot for the overall in the finals. I don't consider myself to be competing with any Open shooter even if I might beat half of them, it's just not on my radar.  I love shooting iron sights and I am personally competing against myself and the iron sighters, I have no aspirations of shooting a 1920 without an Open gun. At some point I'll meet personal goals in Metallic and move to Open on a full-time basis. I will still maintain that by percentage the gun divisions get the shaft.  Especially considering 50-100% of the folks in some subcategories will qualify by default for finals.  


And when that day comes that I shoot Open full-time, I'm going to pry the Cup out of Itzstein's hands on X-count just as he gets excited about his near-win.

Stealing one from Kevin is also my backup plan.:ph34r:


Also, newsflash boys, the Finals will be clean-slate this year.  Two 1920's, not one 3840.  Gonna really shake things up, I like it!

You bitter bitch??????

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Grasshopper here. If I don't know what I am doing, you guys can't guess either. But the paperwork is in at the ATF as we speak and I have spoken (nicely) to the lady at the ATF.

I have toys to collect. Plus I think Travis needs a new set of skid marks in his undies.



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14 hours ago, DWFAN said:

I saw it posted on Accurate Shooter.


14 hours ago, RippinSVT said:

Side note: I caught wind that Dennis Willing has resigned. Can anybody confirm?

I just got an email from Damien Orsinger confirming that Dennis HAS resigned!



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