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Using the paddle-lever mag release

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I've never been able to use my trigger finger or social finger to hit the paddle.  I gave up after a while and just stopped thinking about it, and my thumb just hits the paddle as though it were a button.  

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Hey everybody, I'm having a tough time with this new VP-9 paddle release. I'm waiting for the right sized pin punch I ordered to get the grip-slats changed, so I can experiment with the size that would help. Might not find a solution though, my hands are both wrecked from 50 years of abusing them in construction! Pistol came with Medium Slats.  I'll try the small slats and see if I can reach the paddle with my thumb. Any advise would be appreciated! Mike

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You don’t really need a special punch for that pin, it’s not a super-tight fit, and it can be pressed out by hand with a 1/16” (catching the edge on one side) or 1/8th” punch.


Many VP9 shooters end up intuitively using the index or the middle finger of the strong hand on the paddle- it’s faster and results in less grip change that trying to thumb it.  You might consider trying this, by practicing with a safely configured pistol in a safe direction of course.

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