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This is Your Beloved Maytag AKA the "Lustrous Potentate of Texas Carbine" with a few hints and scuttle butt about the Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship.  The 2017 battle is with the Killer Clowns and will feature 7 stages, one of which is a blind stage.  No, you will not be blindfolded nor will we poke your eyes out, but you will not be able to view it prior to entering the bay.  In the interest  of fairness, Your Beloved Maytag will set up the stage with no assistance from any shooter and the area will be closed off from everyone including Match Staff until they have shot it.  After the Stage Staff has shot the stage they will maintain the integrity of the stage for everyone else.  Air defenses will ring the stage and the Pirates Hunter Killer Drone will engage any other drones and will shoot them down without additional warning.

This years stages will include one medium range stage (80-100 yards) and one long range stage (200-225 yards).  The other five stages will range from near contact to 40 yards.  We will have a running target on one stage and several targets that move on the others.  A question was asked about Prize Table, The Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship was founded as a trophy match the only.

Reward for doing well is pride and bragging rights with a plaque to prove your prowess.  In the past, we have had generous sponsors provide items that were given away by random drawing.  This year those donations have been few and far between.  I suspect uncertainty of the Presidential Election outcome caused many of our past sponsors to decline our requests this year.  That said we will have a few items to be given away.  

This years match will prove to be the most fun and challenging in the history of the Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship.     

Entries payment postmarked prior to Jan 1 are $100.00 those postmarked Jan 1 or later are $125.00, so sign up early and save yourself $25.00.    

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On 1/5/2017 at 9:27 PM, Maytag said:

Rim fire will use the same targets on the 80 yard targets but will have closer on the 200+ yard targets.  PCC has not been decided on the 200+ as of this date.

PCC mag capacity is 33 rounds.   

Drat!  I just got a bunch of Taylor Freelance +10 base pads.

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Okay, so first year shooting this match and wanted to give a quick run down on what I thought about the match.

First, I want to give a hug thank you to the ROs and everyone involved in making the match run.  I had a GREAT time, really enjoyed it and was very impressed with how professional and good the ROs were.  I wish every major I attended had the quality ROs that yall did.



-Match ran very smoothly.  There were a few bottle necks, but I think that was mainly due to the squad in front of mine having so many shooters in it and my squad had 2-3 shooters not show up.  Nothing outrageous though and the stages them selves were run well, reset easily and ROs really did a good job of each of their tasks.  These guys were great. 

- ROs were super great.  Friendly, helpful, polite and did a great job.  Seriously good group of folks.  I was really impressed.  Didnt seem there was a single grumpy or shitty person in the mix.

- Electronic sensors were neat and from what I observed, seem to run well.  Swingers and pop up targets were cool.  I am not and IDPA guy at all, but I liked the Tshirt targets.

- Stages were fast and fun.  Minimal movement for the most part, but fairly well thought out and set up.  Only found one shoot through.  While targets and scoring were Time Plus based, most targets were easily engaged with speed. 

- Location was nice, I got to bring the fam and enjoy a short family trip on top of shooting a match.  Always good for keeping them happy.

- MD and staff was very responsive to questions and fast. 

- Practiscore is awesome, glad yall used it.



- The facility needs serious maintenance to be safe.  Many berms were 5' tall.  I heard numerous competitors voice their concern about safety due to the range bays being so erroded.  I didn't see anyone pack up and leave, so everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.  However, if I was to not return next year, this would be the single reason.  Unfortunately a friend on my squad refuses to go back without improvements being made to the range.

- Scoring - Scoring worked out to my advantage because I had a stage win on one stage with only one other time close to mine.  All the other times were like 12+ seconds behind me.  Cool, but my second place finish wasn't reflective of my match performance, just me killing it on one stage -


One of the other shooters on my squad shot the long range in 30 seconds.  If that hadn't been tossed as a stage, that really would have thrown the match finishes. 


Those are really the only two things I didn't like.  I had a good time, it was totally worth the trip and my plaque is cool.  I very much appreciate the work that went into this match.  I hope the range gets some work and the match continues to grow.  I really can't say enough nice things about the ROs and Staff.  It was a good time and I have lots of work to do to polish up before next year.  Thank you all for the hard work and good times.  My squad had a blast.  Thanks to all the ROs who shot in that crazy wind the day before and then took care of the shooters all day on the match. 

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