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Want to try revolver - USPSA

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1 hour ago, Alaskan454 said:

Have you considered cutting your 454 for moonclips?  If you are even thinking about a 6 shot gun that is the cheapest option. You could get 100 stamped clips and the conversion for about $170.  

That could be a possibility. My only concern would be a 7.5" barrel being too long. It does make major loads feel like marshmellows

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On 10/2/2016 at 5:54 PM, kf4zht said:

Sounds like everyone is fairly unanimous on the 8-9 shot for minor. My only hangup is on the financial side. I've got an almost 2 month old, so while I have some time for reloading and gun work new gun funds arent really happening. I was hoping that a 6 could get me by to get my feet wet, I have offers on a gun I don't shoot for a 6 and some leftover cash for holster and speed loaders.

Ive seen some nice ready to run guns, I just need to decide if I am committed enough to sell something else to give this a try.

Got some thinking time ahead of me...

He'll be ready for a paper route pretty soon. My clips aint cheap.:D

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