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Flashlights on PCC's

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Since flashlights are allowed, how many are running them?  I'm adding one to use as a thumb stop for my weak hand forward on the frame and add extra weight.  I'll probably put dead batteries in it since I don't ever expect to turn it on.

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If you primarily want to add just a bit of weight and have a Keymod handguard V7 manfactures a slim handguard weight. It uses 3 keymod attachments and weighs a little under 5 oz, which is similar to the weight of a flashlight.

You could also run a 1" flashlight mount, or 1" scope rings with some round stock. That would let you tune the weight and shape to suit your preference.

A flashlight would be most tacticool. I might add one at some point, but it would be functional as the PCC pulls double duty for me. 

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Instead of a light, Run a laser.


Why are you adding extra weight?

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