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New PT Evo grip

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And yes it supposedly is a lot like the SV one with improvements.  I want it bad but my gun now has the regular PT steel grip and I want my new one to be almost identical.  Think I'm going to have to stick with the regular one and not the EVO.  Kills me but I want my back up to be almost identical to my primary. 

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On 9/21/2016 at 4:51 PM, EngineerEli said:

That looks a LOT like the SVI Signature grip profile... But hey, I'm all about competition, it drives the prices down for us! Any idea what the going price is on those? Does it require special main spring housings, or special grip safeties?

They said on facebook that the textured MSH shown with it does not fit a regular PT grip so I guess that part is proprietary. 

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29 minutes ago, echotango said:

Only aggressive. 

Possible to give an explanation on what PT's 'aggressive' is like? Will I be bleeding after an hour or two of practice?  Will I be able to appreciate/tolerate them if I only have about medium toughness hands?

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Here is a vid about grip texture.  

The EVO is pretty much the same as the older pt style aggressive.  The PT is less sharp then the SVI grips.  We used to sell 50/50 smooth/aggressive now is 95% aggressive.

Gina and I both shoot PT aggressive


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I got mine this week.  Comes with MSH (which is also aggressive textured) and a really nice grip safety/beavertail that is essentially "pinned" in the firing position (like the pics above).  It doesn't have the leg that blocks the sear (since most of us pin it anyway).  You can get your hand waaaay up the grip with this beavertail and the undercut trigger guard.  It takes the Dawson magwells such as ICE, Dawson mag release, and can us the STI trigger, although it has a bit of wiggle.  Not a problem, so far. 

It's aggressive texture isn't bad after a session of dry fire and a session at the range, and I'm not noticing the texture much.  It adds about 11 oz the the weight of the gun, like the other steel grips, and moves the gun's balance point to the rear part of the trigger guard.  The feel is great, for my large hands (glove size XL) and average-length fingers.  For those that haven't used steel grips before, it softens the recoil impulse and reduces muzzle rise.  I'm not all that strong, but I don't notice the weight all that much. 

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On 9/25/2016 at 1:37 PM, echotango said:

Tough decision. I would need to get 2 and have never handled one. hhmmm.....  2 on order.

Thats exactly where I am at.  Its either 2 or none and one would be for a new gun and the other for one already with a PT classic grip.

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