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Legal mods for Icore Classic division?

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ICORE is pretty wide open with what's legal in each division, if it isn't specifically prohibited you're probably good to go.  It sounds like barrel modifications are the only prohibited item.


5.7. A revolver must compete in the Open Division if it has one or more of the following modifications:
5.7.1. Compensating, venting, or metering ports of any kind.
5.7.2. An optical sight including telescopic and red dot sights.

5.8. A revolver may compete in the Limited Division if it does NOT have any of the modifications listed in 5.7.1
and 5.7.2.
5.9. A revolver may compete in the Limited 6 Division if it meets the provisions of 5.8 and has the following
additional requirements: (REV 12-15)
5.9.1. A cylinder with only 6 chambers. (REV 12-15)

5.10. A Classic Division revolver is a Limited Division revolver that has the following additional requirements:
5.10.1. Cylinder with only 6 chambers.
5.10.2. Any barrel other than an unaltered factory barrel or an unaltered factory replacement barrel made by
the revolver's manufacturer is not allowed in Classic Division. Alterations to the barrel other than
what is required to safely install the barrel are not permitted in Classic Division.
5.10.3. An under lug, barrel weight, grip weight, or any other modification designed to increase the weight of
the revolver is not permitted in Classic Division.
5.10.4. Must only use speed loaders to reload. Moon clips are prohibited.

5.11. A revolver may only compete in a single Division that must be declared prior to the start of competition.

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9 minutes ago, MJMayman said:

I am thinking of trying ICORE Classic.  Is a S&W 686 4" allowed.   It has a full lug underneath, but it is part of the barrel and is not a modification.  


of course, perfectly legal.


When they mean barrel modifications they are talking about something like shaving down a full lug barrel to a pencil type barrel, or adding weights or something.



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