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Favorite optic for PCC

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On my first PPC, an Aero survival rifle, I put on a Fastfire3, with a 3MOA dot. I thought the dot was a little small for USPSA pistol matches.

I originally put a Fastfire 3, on my MPX, but, didn't have a spare spacer around, and really had to get down on the stock to find the dot. I swapped it out to a C-more railway, that I had around. I'm not sure of the dot size, maybe 8, or 10 MOA.

It was said, in an earlier thread, that you should check zero regularly with a C-more. On one of my open pistols, I have a sideways mount. I went through 3 C-Mores on that pistol, before I found one that would hold zero. I never had an issue with any of them, when mounted flat.

Being partly color blind, if it's sunny, I HAVE to wear red glasses to see the dot.

A 1-4, or 1-6 scope, with green sounds very interesting.

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Hello: Did some testing today with my C-More and an old Weaver V3 1-3x scope. Did some 30 yard head shots to see how fast I could get on some doubles. I ended up with my C-More with a 4MOA dot module. I changed from a 6MOA and the 4 was faster. It was just as accurate as the 1-3x scope but faster for me. I may have to rethink using a smaller dot like the Trijicon MRO.  Damn I wish they didn't cost so much. Thanks, Eric

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Eric, I am running a Holosun 510C using just the 2 MOA dot.  I thought it would be too small for my crappy vision and the size of targets we are normally shooting but I have found I am noticeably faster with it and with a price of $299 or even less she's a keeper.  

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15 hours ago, BigBamBoo said:

... I prefer the smaller dots. And I have crappy vision....the whole reason I switched to PCC.

I, too, have gone to optics because of my vision.  I first used a 3 MOA dot because that is what I had at the time.  I have 6 MOA on my pistols.  Now I can't see changing from the 3 MOA for my PCC.  The last local IDPA match, I was 2nd overall out of 64 (only 3 PCC though) and had the least points down of anyone.  I have no trouble seeing the 3 MOA dot and putting it where I want it. (Vortex Venom).


I have shot with scopes, tube red dots, triangles, cross hairs, circles, etc.  But it is just so easy to put that little dot on the target and press.  :P  Only thing you really need to think about is your offset.

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6 hours ago, fedupflyer said:

I tried the Cmore Railway and absolutely hated it. Returned it two days later.

I may by another Eotech XPS for my PCC as it currently wears a Holosun that is not bad but way better than the Cmore.


I would look at the Vortex AMG UH-1. I'm loving mine. Its a better Eotech. 

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I would look at the Vortex AMG UH-1. I'm loving mine. Its a better Eotech. 
I have a C-more railway 8-MOA that uses the MBX offset mount along with their Fang stock pad. This allows you to cheek-weld without tilting your head.

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I use a C-more with 8 MOA dot.  This week I put a C-more Tactical Spacer Plate on the sight.  Practicing with it on this week worked out ok and will shoot my first match with it on this weekend.  Not a whole lot of change, but my head is a little more vertical while shooting.

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10 hours ago, noexcuses said:

6 MOA cmore railway on both of ours, and what I will probably put on the next one.


Same for me. I had a Primary Arms 2MOA Microdot on mine, but now that I've made the switch to the Cmore I'm never going back. 


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I shot a match yesterday with the newer Holosun HS515CU I think it is. The solar powered one with the circle and the dot. I was surprised just how fast it was. I don’t feel like I gave up anything to my Eotech in terms of transitions or more accuracy on tight shots. 


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Got a Trijicon MRO a few weeks ago.  Previously had an Aimpoint Comp M3.  Personally, I think the 2 moa dots are far underrated for USPSA PCC.  I have no trouble picking it up (so long as its a quality optic that is bright enough) and its awesome for longer shot accuracy, especially with a busy landscape such as multiple targets/no shoots, etc.  Same PCC for Steel Challenge as well.  Could see the benefit of a larger dot for Steel, but had no issue making GM with the 2 moa and heavy optic.  I think people are putting far too much stock into light guns and large dots.  My steel scores are actually slightly better with the heavier PCC than the lighter RFRO.  Shot that Aimpoint for a year before going a little smaller and lighter with the MRO and for no real other reason than wanted the Aimpoint back on my AR.  WAY more durable than my CMORE too.  CMORE is great for the .22 though.

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