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Ultimate Practice Stage to cover almost everything.... ideas?

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Ok, in a couple weeks myself and 3 others will have a bay for 3 hours of use. Started kicking around setting up a single stage, under 40 round count which we could practice as many things as possible. We all shoot limited or open, so we can stack more targets in a section to work on skills. We plan to shoot sections of the stage first and then finish the day with shooting the whole thing. (part, part, whole- strategy)

I've got 2 swingers, 4 poppers and a plate rack that can be used and as much paper as needed. Along with barrels, walls, windows, etc.

Looking for some input on how you'd lay out a stage to maximize skills being used.

In no particular order on the stage we have planned for-

3 paper in tight at 2 yards ( or 2 paper on left side at 2 yards and 2 paper on right side at 10 yards for transitions)

3 paper in tight starting at 3 yards first target, 6 yards middle and 10 yards for third target.

2 steel, 1 paper and swinger. To work on timing shooting steel, paper than swinger

2 paper and plate rack at 10 yards. put paper on each side of rack

Couple paper at long distance, 15-25 yards.

Any thoughts!

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I would think that you would likely get more out of a practice session that had less going on. Just a few targets, some no shoots, a single wall and a piece of steel or 2.


If you are wanting to shoot a stage like thing I wouldn't bother with any arrays up close like that. You aren't gonna be learning much of anything from shooting a 2 yard target. I would have nothing closer than 7 probably. if you wanted to do that Accelerator type thing that you are mentioning with a 3, 6, and 10 yard target I would make it 7, 15, 25. Shooting the steel, paper, swinger array would be good practice, and try it in different orders to see what produces the fastest time. If you can move the plate rack farther back, I would probably try putting it at 15 yards, and working on that.

Shooting farther away makes everything else easier.

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that makes sense, normally I just live fire drill, but having 4 of us at the range for a day we wanted to change things up and create more of a match pressure situation. I'll drop the up close stuff and push it back to 5 yards minimum. I wanted to work some up close stuff as I tend to not follow my sights at all on the second shot when Im blasting in tight while moving and have found every once and while it bites me in the butt and I hit a C.

The bay is 50yds deep, so I can push long shots without an issue. Maybe start the stage items in close and work it a few times then push it back 5 yards, repeat, push back 5 yards, repeat.

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