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Do you shoot better when you are with better shooters?

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Absolutely.  The best part is watching how they break down a stage, and how they actually shoot it.  Most are also willing to share their plans with you, and explain why they're going to shoot a stage a certain way.  The flip side of this is if you're a good shooter who constantly shoots with shooters who aren't good.  I've seen this with a few local shooters who are good, but kind of stalled out at a certain level because they're not shooting with people who will push them to step up their games.  

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Without a doubt, I shoot better when I am on a squad with better shooters. 

I watch how they lay out the stage, pick up ideas on how to better play the game, and have zero thoughts about being competitive. 


I think that the best way to improve is to constantly push yourself. Its tough to do that when you don't know how much better you could get. Watching a Master or GM take down a stage is not only a learning experience, its motivation. 

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I do assuming I keep my head together.  If I try to push it to keep pace, meaning above my skill level, it’s an absolute s@&t show.  I do love seeing how different people break down stages and seeing the little things adding up to huge gains in time and points.

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I think better shooters shoot better when they are with me.  They get to show off and do extraordinary things.  I only shoot Steel Challenge these days and run the board for almost every shooter on the squad so they can concentrate on their shooting.  


I've seen some amazing results.  BTW I've been shooting better as well.  I wonder if they have anything to do with it (Ha..Ha).


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I much prefer shooting with people above my current skill level.  Observing their approaches to stages, watching how they prep out for their run, and often annoying them with small questions seems to help me a lot.  When I shoot with people of my skill level or lower, I tend to slow down to their pace and while I feel better about my runs - Practiscore tends to show me that I'm not performing as well as I'm able.



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