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Two Questions For Benosverse Inhabitants

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Dear BE forum members, allow me to ask you two questions:

1. What factors (technical, mental, emotional, etc.) do you consider were the most important for you to become as succesful as you are now? By the way, do you consider yourself succesful? That is, have you reached so far the goals (small or big) that you have set to achieve? (regarding IPSC, of course)

2. What aspects about your shooting (once again, technical, mental, etc.) you like and are happy or proud with them (even though you still strive to perfect them even more) and which ones you DO NOT like and/or are working to improve or outright eliminate?

My answers so far, though they will surely change as I gain experience.

1. Realizing that things are not static. That I don't need (and sometimes I don't want) perfect textbook technique in order to shoot a good stage.

Learning to be calm, cool and in control of my shooting.

Understanding that I'm not fighting the gun for it to stay still or to go back to target quicker, I'm flowing with it to achieve that.

Yes, I consider myself succesful, the secret for me is to go step by step, really small steps. Set small, reachable goals (though I still have to work hard to reach them), and make them bigger and bigger as my skills develop.

2. Taking into account that I haven't yet developed my own personal style, and I'm in constant experimentation (and hopefully evolution), there's not an aspect that I specifically don't like. I need way more practice in all the aspects of my shooting. Mental and emotional included.

Bonus replies from:

Eric Grauffel:

Actually, this is an excellent question...

How can I answer those

1/ Which factors to get where I am:

Technical would be first, because I believe I am quite strong on the technique.

The second place would be the motivation, I always have a goal, and this year would be 3 times world Champ in a row if I can do it.

Then 3rd position would be the mental. I like to play those mental games with competitors, it's like another match within the match.. :D

2/Aspects I like:

behing able to judge my level, and then shoot in consequence.

Shooting on the move

Aspect I don't like:

I am not quick enough when I have to shoot very close targets. My transitions are good, but my split are still too slow regarding some other shooters.. That will be my main work till the world shoot, increase my speed

That's all for now

I asked him to expand about this "Then 3rd position would be the mental. I like to play those mental games with competitors, it's like another match within the match.. :D "

and he replied:


This is THE question I think.

Mental games is probably the most difficult thing that a competitor in general has to manage. The pressure is part of this game.

You know when you try to push someone to the fault, or he's trying to put you to the fault. This is fun and that's cool! hehe

Ok, I go to bed, because tomorrow I fly for Costa Rica



And Saul Kirsch:

hemm. that is one BIG question. here it goes:

What it takes to make it to the top of this sport:

well, I think first thing you need is the drive - and you need to be able to sustain that for a long time. years. I have seen many talented shooters who come in, do rather well (especially since they are new at it) and then a year later they are gone, off to do something else.

So you really have to make the decision to dedicate your self to this game to reach the top.

then you have to be able to do it: you need the means to shoot and travel enough to be competitive.

You need to have some physical attributes - general fitness, quickness is a plus. A good sense of direction and coordination are good.

And then there is the mental matters: theses can be taught and learned, but a natural ability will make things easier: cool under pressure, and good concentration and focus.

What I would like to improve in my shooting....

Well, I would like to gain a little more control in my shooting, call all the shots better. At times this lacks.

Also, I;d like to improve my general high speed accuracy, and get to where I shoot fewer extra shots in a match.

Flexibility and fitness would be improved too....

Good luck with your training. :)


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1: To get where I currently am was all about mind and emotion....emotion because when I get pissed off or depressed for some reason (read women) practicing is how I work my frustration out. With my mind it has always been a matter of if I want it bad enough, I will get it. A long time ago I looked myself in the eyes and told myself I would do whatever it took to be the best. I still remember what it looked like vividly.

About success....I heard The Rock say this one time and it really stuck. Once you've been hungry...really really hungry....you'll never ever be full. I have accomplished some of my goals, but there is so much more to do.

2: The thing I am most satisfied with is the consistency I've gained from shooting Open. I feel my draws, transitions, and entering/exiting a position can keep up with just about anyone. I'm consistently shooting better points at every match and taking fewer make up shots. Things I am improving are strong hand and weak hand, strategy (breaking down stages, etc), obtaining total confidence and consistency on every part of my game.

That's all for now. ;)

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I guess for me it's technical, being able to shoot and shooting IPSC are almost two different things in a sence. Knowing when to use which focus was a big part to my game, or better yet knowing when to change that focus. The way I grade myself is on others, not saying that is correct, but when I started I picked someone as a goal and when I could bet them consistantly I would pick a higher person, I still can ge my butt handed to me by someone I passed up, but that is because they're also improveing, but it's nice ever once in a while to bet a M on a stage. I think the difference between a B(which I am) and a M is consistancy, I can lay on the line and put down a good run but not ever stage. Emotioins has just started playing a role recently, I believe it becouse I demand so much of myself and hopefully will overcome this stage in my game soon. Jamie

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