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Cost of getting into PCC

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I would check the ejector and see if it is as close to the bolt as possible.  This has been a problem for some.  A little bending with some light hammer taps or pliers should take care of it.  A search should bring up pictures.  Out of 6 PCCs I have built or bought, one had to be adjusted.
After I got about 3-400 rounds thru it issues pretty much disappeared, it has been running 100% for about the last 1k. I am going to change over to the Taccom bolt with the AR style extractor, and their 3 stage buffer, I think it will be better long term, and the are a local company (MN) so xtra bonus.

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On 1/12/2018 at 7:26 PM, Aircooled6racer said:

Hello: CZ Scorpion. Thanks, Eric

I 2nd this!


Love mine. Done some bolt work , trigger work including reducing take up and reset, and it is very smooth. I like the heads up I get with the Scorpion over my AR's. 

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On 1/12/2018 at 3:04 PM, BartCarter said:

Saw some good ratings for the Diamondback DB9RB.  Around $700 if you catch a sale.  Takes Glock mags.  In the $900 sale range, CMMG with Colt mags would be one I would consider if I wanted off the rack.


I have the Diamondback PCC. I love the gun.


It is a dedicated Glock mag PCC. From the factory it comes with a mil-spec trigger that has an awful pull. I changed that out to a Hiperfire 24 3g. Much better.

It comes with a mil-spec buffer spring and buffer. Pretty harsh with 124 gn freedom munitions plated rounds. Changed that out to a Blitzkrieg buffer and a JP 308 carbine spring. Much softer and smoother.

It does NOT come with any sights at all. I put a BURRIS FF3 on it. Initially I mounted it to the pic rail directly. That was TOO low. I ordered a .75" riser and a .25" riser. mounted them both and got the dot up to a place I can see with a good cheek weld and keeping my head upright.

Did not like the safety. I was not able to consistently get it to go into fire from safe. I changed it out to a 45 degree ambi that I like much better.


The only issue I have had was the BHO pin is just pressed into the Bolt Catch mechanism. Mine fell out during my very first few magazines. I did not realize it because I was not emptying magazines. When I discovered it was when I cleaned the gun. I saw a part that had this empty square space. Upon inspection and some web research I discovered that was where the BHO pin was supposed to be. I emailed Diamondback, (they are very slow to respond to emails via their cust support page) explained my situation and asked them to send me the part. I finally got it and was able to press the replacement into place. I have not had a chance to fire it since I got that part back.

I have also learned that the mag catch / release is temperamental. IF not kept very clean mags have a tendency to not seat fully on mag changes. It also does NOT like pmags. Glock OEM or the ETS only. 


In between discovering that missing part, I have shot the PCC in about 4 indoor matches. It runs great. Very accurate.


I got the gun from centerfire for 700.00 before shipping.

I got the FF3 for about 220

I got the 24 3g on sale from Optics planet for under 120 shipped

The buffer and spring cost me about 150

I got a Radian Weapons Talon Ambidextrous 45/90 Safety Selector for free from a gift card I had. (cost is 58 before shipping from optics planet)


Before buying glock 33 round mags I figure I have around 1260 in the gun. 


I know that I could have bought a complete gun for the same money and most likely would have had to still make a lot of the changes I made. I am happy with the current investment.

I feel that I have a competitive gun for about 400 less.

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