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Proposed European semi-auto rifle ban

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This might or might not be news in USA.

The EU Commission has submitted to the European Parliament a proposal for a revised Firearms directive.

This article sums it pretty well, so far: https://www.all4shooters.com/en/Shooting/law/Firearms-United-EU-Gun-Ban-ongoing/

The list to define rifles that they want to ban might look familiar:

1) Semiautomatic firearms converted from full auto firearms

2) Semiautomatic firearms with 2 or more characteristics from the list:
a) folding stock
B) pistol grip
c) 2 or more Picatinny rails
d) option to mount Bayonett;
e) firearms shorter than 830 mm;
3. Firearms with barrel shorter than 450 mm;
4. Semiautomatic firearms using the same ammunition as used by military forces if they have one or more from point (2), namely 5.45 mm x 36; 7.62 mm x 39; 7.62 mm x 54; .223 Remington; .308 Winchester; .30-06

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