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Not a fan of the Dillon Roller Handle

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My roller handles seems to come loose every 100 rounds no matter how tight it is annoying

Mine did at first. I learned to place my hand on the roller closer to the press. I haven't had to tightened mine in over 5,000 rounds.

Blue lock-tite...

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What does the IF Ergo handle do on a 650 that the Dillon roller handle does not? I have searched for vids on You Tube, but nothing came up showing what it does for the body.

I'm trying to figure out if it is worth the purchase price. Does it keep the body square while loading? I dip my right shoulder, but that doesn't cause me any pain of discomfort.

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Ok I now have the second 650 set up along side of the other one with the roller handle. What a difference, I like the old style straight post with ball. It is a personal thing I known that but the feel and control to me is just outstanding with the original handle. I gave it a try and i guess it isn't for everyone. I do load for extended periods of time and never had any issues with the old style. One positive I do like the roller but not how it all works together will the connecting post or arm. Maybe I will put it on one of my single stage presses and see it it works better with it.

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