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6/5/18    First Match with the CZ Shadow 2 - 6th Production

I already posted a bit about my first match, but here's the match video.  All my stages look, and felt at the time, C class, the last one looked a little more B class.  I was feeling really lazy that night, so that probably didn't help, but this match was mostly about testing my gun out and getting a feel for it, so I didn't really care that I ended up being 6th Production.  I was 84% of another Production A competitor that I am pretty equal with (we take turns beating each other).  My percentages for the first two stages were 55% and 56%, then 97%, 81%, 71, and 96%.  So I did warm up a bit with the gun.  By the last stage, I felt comfortable enough to NOT think about the gun/trigger/newness and just shot the stage.  (I posted that stage a few posts back already.)  I did knock a mag out of a pouch at the last position and ended up dancing around it to avoid stepping on it, but overall that stage went okay because I was much more used to it.  




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6/9/18    2nd Match with the CZ Shadow 2 - 3rd Production, 93.59%

Watched my videos of the stages from the match I shot on Saturday.  My reloads weren't too bad, but I.... don't really want to judge anything else until I shoot a few more matches.  I did enough "that was horrible" at the match to last the rest of my transition from the XDm.  I'm just going to focus on memorizing my stages and forget about it "being a new gun" or "moving like a C class" and definitely need to stop worrying about the double action and just shoot and have fun.  And practice!


A:140    B:9    C:25    D:6    M:1    OTS:1    Pts: 89%

Stage 1:  4th, 97.32% - 25A, 6C, 1D

Stage 2:  4th, 89.63% - 25A, 6C

Stage 3:  5th, 77.97% - 15A, 2C, 1D [8.95, 10.19]

Stage 4:  5th, 82.00% - 19A, 6B, 1C

Stage 5:  4th, 82.36% - 25A, 2B, 4C, 1M

Stage 6:  4th, 86.65% - 22A, 1B, 1C 

Stage 7:  7th, 75.64% - 9A, 5C, 4D, 1OTS [Classifier 09-09, 65.56%]



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